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PO'd with FDA

im getting damn sick of this BS! the FDA is trying to ban everything from ephedra to vitamin C. People on here are even talikng about protein powder! WTF!!! Meanwhile the FCC is fining everyone and trying to restrict what we r listening to! And all the while our troops are in Iraq trying to establish freedom and democracy! If i wanted to live in a country where the govt decided what i could supplement my diet or listen to/watch id go move to China. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Alright, I am sick of this shit, time for me, an immigrant, to express my feelings.

First off, I am only 20 years old (21 in june), so a lot of the decision making was up to my parents.

We moved here, b/c my brother and I were supposed to go to college. We were going to get degrees that were worth something, and live meaningful lives. Back in South Africa the new government had turned things around, as a white male i was pretty much fucked in the ass as far as ever getting a job goes.

But we moved here, left everything we knew and loved behind for a chance at the “American Dream”. The opportunity to make something of one’s self, to live life to its fullest.

That was my goal, but nowadays, I really wonder if that will happen. All I hear is how I am gonna have to pay off Bush’s fucking deficit. How the gov’t know more than I do about what is healthy for me (I am gonna be a fucking engineer and I probably know more about steroids/diet/pro hormones than 99% of the ppl on campus). Honestly, for a country that expouses its bill of rights as the greatest fucking thing on eath, you have let your politicians walk all over you. Things like the bill of rights don’t apply to me b/c i am not a permanent resident, but I can;t stand to listen to all my friends agree to the fucking bullshit resolutions their senators pass simply b/c they are “with that party”. As an individual, hell, as an AMERICAN, every one of you needs to be fighting for your right to choose. Fpr the right to live according to the ideals of Locke and Voltaire that made this country possible. The gov’t does not give a shit about me and my family, we pay taxes, but get none of the benefits. Bush would rather give illegal Mexican immigrants citizenship than hard working immigrants like my dad, ppl that have busted their asses, and fought tooth and nail for a future for their children.

Honestly, you can call me a democrat, a tree hugging hippie, whatever the hell u fucking fee like. But I am gonna be honest, if Bush is pres for 4 more years, I am tempted to move to England. As someone who has come from a completely different culture, I feel I can have a more impartial view than others. And I really don’t see things picking up in the near future. All I see is a lot of bs and empty promises meant to get votes. I saw it happen in South Africa and I have seen it happen here.

So fuck politicians, fuck special interest groups. All I see is money lining pockets so a few sleazy bastards can make a quick buck, Before all you diehard republicans or democrats vote this year, I hope you take a REAL GOOD LOOK at how your representatives in your party voted for the ISSUES THAT AFFECT YOU. Take a minute to look into things, don’t be like everyone else and simply vote for kerry cos ur a dmeocrat or bush cos ur a republican. Take a damn minute to look at things w/ a fine tooth comb. Decide how you want your life to be ran, not how they [ politicians] think it should be.

South African and looking forward to being an American citizen in the near future.

Dude, don’t worry… Everyone knows that the Republicans are going to get the government off your back.

Here’s the thing with the deficit:

It almost seems stupid to let it get so high so fast and to seemingly not doing anything about it, doesn’t it? Almost too stupid. Perhaps its intentional. This government has gotten way too big and way out of hand and its time to look for alternatives. I believe the deficits are perhaps a first step in causing bankruptcy. If this provides ammununition to pursue the privatization of almost all government, I’m all for it.

Economic freedom can only happen when socialism is stamped out. The government is effective in about 10% of what it does; sounds to me like we should get rid of about 90% of it. I don’t feel terribly free when I look at how much of my money goes into social security and federal income taxes. Its really shocking to look at your W2 for the year and realize that you couple have paid off a car, bought a boat, invested, or whatever. I’m tired of paying for things I don’t use. Get rid of taxes and replace them with user fees for services rendered. Here’s one example: I don’t have kids and yet for some reason I pay for school. If joe blow across the street has 12 kids, why am I helping pay for their education? If schools had to compete with each other for students like any private business, the quality of education would go up, it would diversify, it would be cheaper, and it would cost money to only who attended. Makes sense to me. Clearly just one example in about 1 million.

If to take a couple of steps back and realize that all problems are economic in nature, economic freedom seems the way to get freedoms of all kinds. In the end, food, shelter, and water is the end result; all of those things are economic.

In this case we are concerned about drugs. This could apply to drugs of all kinds. The drug market is economic. Illegal drugs simply increase the prices of substances and encourages criminals to sell them. This increases the supply and makes 10x more money at the same time. It causes the creation of alternative substances that then flood the market and are usually worse than the original. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.