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Po Po at it Again


This morning, the wonderful police officers of Arlington, VA were ticketing the cars of parents dropping their kids off at ELEMENTARY school. The kids can't walk by themselves, folks.

There is no parking allowed in the lot, which is reserved for faculty, and there is very little "legal" street parking. It is either zoned for the immediate neighborhood, or has a no parking sign for no apparent reason (the street is PLENTY wide enough to accommodate parking). So what's a parent to do? I know the budget is fucked up, but DAMN!

Fucking police needs to back off parents just trying to get their kids to school.


Were the kids fatties?


They probably didnt meet their quota from last month, got chewed out by the cap'n and went to go shoot fish in a barrel.

I grew up in a town that was notorious for this. The police department has so much money every cop drives a brand new charger/camaro, they have 2 helicopters and the K9 units roll around in escalades. This is a suburb of dallas with like 30k people and almost zero crime.




See he needs to walk a block or two.


And what, precisely, would you have them do? Not harass people over harmless traffic violations!?







Don't water them! They might get bigger.


fuck dem police


i dont see what the big deal is? Why cant the kids walk up to the school by themselves? Are they infants?

Were there parking spots? Yes

If the spots are full what do you do? Find a different spot (not create a new spot wherever you want)

if a person is parking in a spot that they know they arent supposed to park in they're taking the risk of getting a ticket.


Give the kids some RAPE AXE!!!!!!! and let 'em walk a couple blocks.


you are a 16 year old girl, I believe.


Fuck the popo, sometimes.


come at me bro




I was hoping for some "come at me bro" support from the king of funny pics himself


What if they've to cross a busy intersection? I think I'd prefer to walk a five year old to the school rather than send them on their way. Not to mention that a group of children wont exactly exhibit the best decision making skills.


why would a kid have to cross a busy intersection? why couldn't the parent pull up in front of the school?? (or into the drop off area, which every single school i've ever seen has) and drop them off their