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po boxes

Does anyone know what kind of information is required to set up a po box. do they ask for I.D., or could you use a different name?

What’s a po box?

Post office box. I don’t know what info you have to possess to set them up though. I know there are commercial sites that you can use that are anonymous (sp) but that was ten years ago when I lived in a big city and since I’m out in the middle of no where now can’t help you out.

You need two forms of ID (drivers license and something like a costco card), and you have to give them your home address.

Listen to this bullshit… in Croatia you cannot have a po box if you do not have a registered business/company! Even then the post office will track your mail to make sure that you receive at least six shipments/letters every day! However, if you do have a company and receive more than 6 packages every day, you can use po box free of charge? There is this Dumb laws website, this definitely applies for an entry…