PM's and Spammers

Just a quick note, we learned this week that a former contributor of ours was using the PM system to spam just about everyone on the forum. We received dozens of complaints and some even thought it was us (T-mag) doing it. No, we had nothing to do with it and have since dealt with the problem. Sorry for the hassle though.

If you feel you’re getting inappropriate PMs (steroid dealers, spam, pics of TC naked and wearing bunny ears) just drop us a note. We’ve caught a few steroid dealers and have removed them from the forum. And BTW, even if you wanted to buy steroids, you definitely shouldn’t send money to some guy who PMs you on a message board. That’s just asking to get scammed or busted.


Damn, there goes my business.

I only got the one of TC in the Frog suit. Who’s up for trading?

Thanks a lot. What in the hell am I going to do with 2000 pounds of Amway laundry detergent now, Chris?

can I get a refund?

I like Spam it tastes good fried with some Velveeta.

Someone was wanting to sell me a copy of the TC Full Monty Renegade Training Calendar for 2004. It was only $24 if I bought a bottle of Red Kat, should I be scared?

PS. What is the spammers max bench?

Damn… I had a ton of pics of goldberg using hollow weights also…

I got some of those a few months back with this message:

"I like cookies!

that is all."

Is issue related?