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PMGF Alone?


I would like to try IGF an MGF.
But I can't pin me with IGF after WO (cause I work in the gym as a trainer and I dont go home after my training session).

I know pMGF has a longer halflife so it can be used EOD/E2D

Should be a "wise" choose to try pMGF alone?

My target are maintain-increase LBM during my cutting phase.


I have not heard of anyone running just pegMGF alone. However I would be greatly interested in the protocol and outcomes of others who have.


You may be able to use IGF with a split dose. Once when you wake up and again when you get home from work. I did that before and had good results.

No clue about pMGF alone, sorry I coudn't help there.


Alright, I'm game...
I have 2000mcg of IGf and 2000mcg pegMGF in my hands and about 11 weeks until my next AAS cycle. I've been off the IGF for about 1 week and plan on taking at least another 2 off before doing anything.

Let me throw this out there first and then I will explain my thinking behind it. Three weeks of IGF @ 40mcg/day, 5 days a weeks, split IM PWO into worked groups. Then 3 weeks of peg MGF 200mcg eod IM. Then another 3 weeks of IGF at the same dosing protocol previously mentioned.

During my first run with IGF I noticed excellent gains in the first 2-3 weeks but nothing after that period. As I understand my satelitte cells were depleted and thus rendering the IGF useless. I also understand the MGF to be able to restock the satelitte cells at a higher rate.

Therefore the 3 week break from IGF to MGF should hopefully allow me to have a successful second run of IGF in a short period. This way I would also be able to see what MGF can do as a standalone.

This is not set in stone and may be useless. I am eager to learn and if someone has anything to add to this, negative critism is especially welcome please do so. Like I said I have at least 2 weeks until I start anything and 11 weeks until I use AAS again so I have some time to rethink it.


I think 3 weeks are too little time for restock of satellite cells. However i have not found anything intresting on the Net.
I'm really intrested in the results you'll get.

Also, i have a question for you: do you think that 3weeks of IGF or pMGF could be worthy during a cutting phase?


I also have not found anything that states about how long it will take to restock satelittle cells. I may wait about 5 weeks so that my time off equals time on.

As far as IGF/MGF during cutting, hell yeah! I ran my first IGF/MGF cycle at the end of a cutting AAS cycle. My calories were restricted slightly below maintenance and I was still able to gain about 5 lbs while there was no increase in bodyfat.


Great info!
I just need to find some funds :wink: for the igf then i can start to experiment with it :stuck_out_tongue:

My source has difficult to find pmgf so i think i'll try what he can founf (may ne only igf)

If i use IGF i can shot 20mg per side IM, in the morning and in the evening (ie 40mg per side in a day).

If i workout 2 or more groups the total IGF will increase.. so for example:
monday pecs+back =40+40mg
tuesday: quad+hamstring= 40+40
thursday: shoulder+biceps+triceps=40+40+40

is this ok?


IMO you don't need to multiply the amount of IGF with additional muscle groups. I think 40mcg a day total will be fine. Shooting 80 or 120mcg a day will probably increase your risk of intestinal growth without offering much benefit.


I too am interested in a Lr3-IFG only cycle....But most sources I read had findings stating that the best protocols were anywhere from 80-100mcg/day???Is there information stating that these amounts can cause intestinal growth???


so if i have multiple muscle group i just have to split dose among them?


I did 100mcg a day and was perfectly fine (of IGF-1) infact thats where I got the best results.


Did you get any sides(intestinal growth or other)?


I'm also interested, what did your dosing protocol look like?


Would also be interested in dosing protocol...Spent several days devoted to researching the LR3 IGF-1, but more practical info would be a hug help in terms of actual dosing, length of implementation, etc.

-Thanks much for responding!


All of my future IGF runs, regardless of daily dosage will be three weeks long. This is when I noticed good results, week 4 and 5 were stagnant. I am still trying to figure out what amount of time to take off.


I have talked with my sourge.
I'll buy 1mg, and I'll do the following:
100mcg x day (splitted among worked muscle)

the protocoll will be 3weeks long, with 3 workout days in a week (ie 300mcg x week)

or should I do 4weeks @240mcg/week? I'm a bit concerned

any comments? I'm a bit concerned about permanent intestinal growth...


300mcg a day seems kinds high in my opinion. However a lot of the stuff I read on IGF referenced cycles that used 120mcg/day with no reported side effects. I'll admit my 40mcg/day is a conservative dosage. I am interested in your results.


When do you plan to start this run? Did you decide on IGF only?


Ok so I'll throw my 2cents in here since I have a few runs under my belt with IGF and MGF.

For me I started at 50mcg a day and worked up to 100mcg a day for my first cycle. My second cycle again I started at 50mcg but am keeping it at 70mcg a day b/c I see no difference in 70-80 and 100+. The dosage that I find works best for me is 20mcg in the morning and then 50mcg at night after my workouts.

I am currently trying pegMGF with my run of 70mcg 4 days per week and 200mcg pegMGF 2 days per week. I use the peg on wed and sat and take sunday off from both. Good results thus far, but I waited entirely too late to go up to 70mcg so I suspect I will come in not as good as I have done before.

With this dosing I get good strength gains and my back/knees are able to handle heavy loads throughout the week. I also get some good decreases in bodyfat even with my increase in hunger and thus calories.

Hope this helps!


as soon as my good source reply me :wink:
and yes.. only IGF