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Plyos Without a 1.5 Bodyweight Squat


my question is that is it okay if i do plyos if i can't squat 1.5x my bodyweight. i have been training for about a week now. i lift 3 days a week and sprint 3 days a week. i do plyos once a week. i do box jumps, squat jumps, and bounding.

i read online that most people start doing plyos when they can squat around 1.5x their bodyweight. i don't want to hurt myself. should i stop doing plyos until i reach a 1.5x bodyweight squat.


Training for about a week?


i just started training again last week, by the end of this week it should be my second week


Do little kids have to have a 1.5xBW squat before they start jumping around and playing? The human body was meant to move and jump like that- I think that unless you're morbidly obese, there's nothing wrong with throwing some plyos into a workout.

But if you've only been working out a week, I think you should be more focused on the basics than plyos and the like.


Kid, get your shit together and listen to the advice you've been given already instead of making yet another thread asking basically the same thing.


You got to love this kid though.