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anybody have any good information regarding plyometrics?

ive been trying to put together a good program of plyos to increase my explosive strength and build some more leg muscle...so far its structured around crossfits "fight gone bad" workout and looks like this

depth jumps (vert)
sit up medicine ball throws
tuck jumps
clapping pushups
depth jumps (distance)

all for 1 minute each, 30 seconds between exercises, for 3 circuits.

this looks like a good way to condition and also get a some good benefit from plyometrics at the same time. suggestions? things to discuss?


You will probably get some good anaerobic conditioning out of this workout, but the plyometric training will be compromised because of the level of fatigue the workout will generate. Generally speaking, during plyometic training you do not want to accumulate fatigue during the workout because you want to be as explosive as possible during each rep.

That doesn't mean that you woulnd't get something out of this workout, it just depends on what your goals are.


CT's Modern Strength E-book does a great job of simplifying what real plyo's and other forms of KEAT (Kinetic Energy Accumulation Training) are, how effective they are, how they work, (structuraly,neurologcaly, etc.) and how to structure them properly into your routine. Also, I think he has copy and pasted some of the info for us here before so try a quick search and see what you come up with.




you beat me too it, in CT's Theory e-book he actually has a bad-ass plyo workout set. I'd rather trust CT then some of these arm-chair trains that don't even know what "plyometrics" mean. Yes he has posted some where about it but he doesn't give any routine, I'd honestly spend the 30-35 bucks and by the e-book, the training would be worth it


I was interested by this, simply because I don't do much explosive-power training (and therefore feel I might be missing out on something useful...). For those that don't want to buy an e-bok without knowing more, I found this web article (by Christian Thibaudeau):




thanks alot for the article wiz....i was however a bit dismayed to learn i should use shock training very sparingly....i was hoping to make it part of my regular workouts.....oh well


yes thats the article I was referring too, that is also part of his book, but he actually takes you through a program in the e-book


Can someone post a link where you can purchase his e-book? TIA!


Is the e-book the same as the black book of training secrets?


No it's a different book and you can get it from Charlie Francis' website.



can anyone explain the difference between the 2 books, Modern Strength & Power Methods & Black Book of training secrets.

Was thinking of purchasing one, does CT have a website that has summaries of whats in each book? Thanks


Heh - it actually made me feel good, coz I can do this and it won't be too onerous. :slight_smile: I have started doing more "explosive" moves, as I continue my journey of general fitness improvements. It's quite interesting isn't it. :slight_smile:

Keep on jumping!



You really do have to be carefully with how many times you do, do plyometrics. If you have a solid program you should not do them more than 3x a week, and that is without any lower body weight lifting. My experience with plyometrics is that you need to start doing them not very often (if you have never done any high intentisity jumping sports (volleyball, basketball etc.) you will need to start off even slower).

I am in my third summer of plyo's ( the summer is my only off-season from sports and so its the only time i can safely do them without worry of over-workin my legs) and I am doing weights 2x a week and plyos 1x a week, this is working fine for me right now but I have always been pushing my legs to the extremes due to my sports, working out etc.