I have a read a few books on plyometrics, all of which provide guidelines for plyometric only programs, but not really where to include them in a complete program (i.e. weight training, speed training, agility). The strength and conditioning coach for my football team said not to do plyometrics within two days of leg day and to wait two after to do legs. What do you think is the proper scheduling for plyometrics in relation to all the above? what do you recommend to accomodate a four day a week program in which I perform explosive lifts (cleans, snatches, etc.) each workout, similar to what Christian Theabideau prescribe for functional training in “Different Directions…”

Depends on what days you do speed. You try to include all high CNS intense things in one day(ie you do your sprints, then plyo, then weights). I do 1 per day, alternating high intensity ones(ie depth jumps) with low intensity ones(box jump, or tuck jumps). Thats bogus, try to do a speed, plyo and weight day, then day off or with weights only appraoch, but low intensity weights,

So you do only one plyo. exercise a day, alternating between low and high intensity? Do you do high intensity on a certain day of your split? What do you think about doing speed work, one plyometric, and explosive lifts? Then the next day do the one plyo. and agility/technique? Maybe you could tell me what your split is. Thanks.

what you listed sounds fine. You could even do this. Speed, 2 plyo, 3-4weight room exercises one day, then recovery through tempo, or technique, and agility with full recovery between agility reps keeping the volume low.

Thanks a lot, dude.