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Plyometrics With Westside


i have been working out on the westside routine for about 1 year now, and i’d like to incorporate plyometrics into the programm!!

does anybody have an idea how much and where to do it??

greatfull for any kind of help!!

sebastian from germany

since the westside routine is very taxing CNS wise I would highly suggest doing the Plyos after the weight lifting session, and only after determining if your CNS can handle anymore stress for the day. if it can, then they would be great additions. I would start out low volume, say 10-15 total contacts a session (40 contats are the MAX for high impact plyos) start out with box jumps and then proceed to other more intense plyos such as depth jumps depth leaps depth jumps over hurdles, etc.

for upper body you could do depth push ups, depth push ups with feet elevated etc. don’t go over 5 reps for a set though. and remember QUALITY IS KEY! if your fried from the weightlifting sessions and speed sessions(sprint workouts if your a football player, track athlete, soccer player, etc) then drop the plyos for the day.

only you know your body. remember less is more and more doesn’t mean better.

I think the best way to incorporate plyos into “Westside” is to plan your DE so that you do your workout in a rotation. Since they are so taxing, the best way to manage the volume is to work the rotation and keep an eye on dropoffs(time it takes to complete box squat set).

To add to the lower intensity list, squat thrust jumps, star jumps, rocket jumps, and step-up jumps are fantastic. Keep the reps fairly low and concentrate on really exploding. Doing 15+ reps that’ll take 10+seconds isnt going to give you the quality youll need.