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Plyometrics with Ankle Weights?

Is is a good idea to do box jumps, squat jumps, lunge jumps etc with 2 pound ankle weights? will it help me get faster for my 40 yard dash and will it be hard on my knees? Im 16 years old

Ive heard it’s the best way to increase speed but is dangerous, if anyone has used this method you input would be much appreciated.


You are screwing with your mechanics.

First step, learn to run properly. Have your GAIT analyzed. I guarantee you have issues.

Correct imbalances.

Start a proven program to get faster.

Don’t know where you are in Manitoba, but most physio places do it and worth every penny.


Yeah, fuck the ankle weights.
Work on form/technique, get stronger, cycle various reactive exercises.

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Ankle weights are really tough on the knees. I tried it when I was much younger (actually teenager), for some reason they were laying around the house, and it was not effective and caused a few short term injuries.