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Plyometrics vs Neural Charge Training


I was wondering what the difference between these two workouts if CT or anyone else can help me out. Thankyou


Plyometrics are used in a neural charge workout. So Plymetrics are in a tool in neural charge training


i really dont know shit about this... and i'm also interested in actual real answer... but my view is that plyometric training is MEANT to have an actual training effect (to improve explosivness)... and neural charge is just meant for that.... to recharge nervous system and "activate" you...

i found this somewhere, cause i couldnt define it with my own words: A plyometric contraction involves first a rapid muscle lengthening movement (eccentric phase), followed by a short resting phase (amortization phase), then an explosive muscle shortening movement (concentric phase), which enables muscles to work together in doing the particular motion.

sooooo... NC doesnt have to be plyometric training, but it can be.... i mean if you pick bench press/push press as your NC exercise, it wont be plyometric I think, snatch also (no rapid eccentric phase)... but if you pick some sort of jump it will...

just my view... but I would like to hear more about this...


One of the reasons I asked was because nt is used to recharge the nervous system yet plyometrics are very hard on the nervous system so I dont really understand.


depends obviously how you do it... NC overdone... can do more harm than good... like i said obviously NC can be plyometric, but doesnt have to... and goals are tottaly different...


True and besides this, not all plyometrics are hard on the system. Depth jumps yes, weighted drops, altitude landings, yes. But bounding, just regular jumping on the ground, most med ball stuff, plyometric push-ups, lots of other things, NO. They're fine.


he did state there were levels of plyo's in the video (1, 2 and 3) so if you're worried about NS burn out then use low level plyo's for NC workouts

i think with a little playing you could mix them though and i've thought of doing some speed and quickness stuff in the form of a NC workout and kill 2 birds with the 2 stone


Does shovelling 8" of snow for 45 mins count as a NC workout?


I think that's more like eccentric less training.


No but pushing a big snow blower might count as eccentric-less. :smiley:


CT, any input?