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Plyometrics to Improve PL Speed?

what do you think is best to improve speed and quality of movement during thelifts: Plyometric work or simple dynamic lift work??

Dynamic work, for powerlifting, is meant to improve speed on the powerlifts and also perfect technique. If you have a max effort day and are following the conjugate sequence system, then you are rarely ever doing a squat, bench, or deadlift.

On the other hand, jumping and throwing are speed-strength work in its truest sense. So, do both. Do the jumps and throws first, then go onto the dynamic squats, deads, and benches. I used to do weighted Kneeling Jumps after speed work and got very very fast off the floor with my deadlifts.

what type of schedule u think would work?? a regular 4 day split? 2max effort 2 Dynamic?? or u know a different system? 10x for you’re help btw?


StormTheBeach has got it. I happen to be an acrobat, so I’m used to sprinting and jumping quite a bit. Consequently, as a raw lifter, my sticking points are all at the same points that most geared lifters have’em. My explanation is… I’m an explosive lifter. I can tear the bar off the ground, power it up from the chest, shoot up from the hole… And after that explosiveness is gone is when I start sticking.

If you train both and get really explosive, there’s no question it’ll improve your lifts.