Plyometrics a Week?


Somebody knows how many depth jumps that is recommended to be performed during a week?(zatsiorsky?)I have read something that 120 depth jumps maximally, can that be correct?

I do not have my books where i am right now so i can not check it up and i can not find valid information on the net.

Recommended for?? what are you trying to accomplish with them??



I would say it depends on how quickly you drop off. You could probably do 120 6" depth jumps without a problem, but you won’t be able to do nearly as many from 36". You need to learn how quickly your performance decreases and how long you take to adapt, an aritary number isn’t going to tell you much.

In Supertraining, Siff suggests that no more than 40 repetitions be performed in a session and that one or two sessions per week are appropriate. Of course, these recommendations apply to athletes with the correct preparedness. These guidelines were for use during training designed to raise special strength (aka increase vertical) and were also recommended to be supplemented by a low volume of other strength exercises.

He also suggests that up to 20 repetitions might be performed at the end of a technical session (aka sports practice) and they might be performed up to 3 times per week. Again this applying to more advanced athletes with the proper preperation.

So my own advice would be to work up to it. Spend 4-6 weeks doing submaximal plyometrics such as box jumps, low depth drops (without the jump), skipping and bounding in a low-to-moderate volume before your training sessions and perhaps include 20 repetitions of sub-max depth jumps (8-12" box) in one training session. After this acclimation phase, then you can get into more of a traditional “shock block.”

Of course, this is assuming you can squat more than 225.

I would add to have considerable lumbo-pelvic stability before doing any shock plyometrics as well.

start small…one and two foot hops from ground to ground, and small boxes. work up to the depth jumps if you haven’t been doing them, your feet and body will thanks you.