Plyometric Guides.

Does anyone know of anywhere I can look to get descriptions of different types of plyometric exercises?

There are some referenced in The Vertical Jump Bible that are not explained so i’m unsure how to do them.


Which ones?

Ankle bounce
Slalom Jumps
Ricochet Jumps
4-Star Drill
Bent Over donkey ankle bounces (which i’m sure is like a donkey raise with ankle bounces)
Rim Jumps
Lunge Jumps
Rythmic Lunge Jump
Shock Lunge
Drop Jump into Lunge
Power Skipping
1-2-3 jump

Power skipping - you know how to skip, right? Just like little kids do. Power skips are a sort of highly exagerrated skip, going for either height or distance.

Dont forget to develop your maximal strength along with your speed strength.