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Plyometric Books/Videos

I am looking for recommendations on some good/current Plyometric Books or Videos, any help is appreciated. Thank You!

If it’s plyometric advice you’re looking for, don’t go and waste your money on any of the programs off the web. I bought into the whole Air Alert thing and only gained a few inches on my vertical. If you really want to improve explosiveness just work on the Olympic lifts and their variations and box squats with bands. However, if you really insist on doing plyos, I recommend that you are able to squat at least one and a half times your bodyweight, preferably double it.

I have a book called “High Powered Plyometrics- 77 advanced exercises for explosive sports training”. I found it to be very helpful. It has good illustrations of each movement and good descriptions. Most of the movements require nothing more then a box, medicine ball, or flight of stairs. It aso includes the science behind pylo training and sport specific training programs. The book is very in depth, comprehensive and backed by lots of research. I got mine from chapters for $35.

Thank you for the information so far. I am more interested to have this as a referance than anything and to help others with plyo programs.

I’ll be outlining a pretty extensive plyo progression/compilation in an upcoming article I’m co-authoring. It should be finished tomorrow.