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Plyo Frequency


my football team is starting summer we are lifting monday wendesday and friday, then we are doing plyo's tuesday and thrusdays. Is this to much plyometerics?


Plyometrics can be one of the most overused methods of exercise. It really depends on the level of intensity of the plyos themselves. If you are doing non-resisted, ground level exercises, you should be fine.

The athletes I train only work out 3x/week and only for an hour per W/O. In that hour, we do Rate of Force Development, quickness, plyos (with only one "intense" plyo exercise, the rest are basic) and strength training. It is a very time efficient workout and the athletes spend very little time between exercises. I am not training football players, which explains why the W/Os are only an hour (strength training would boost the time). The strength training is full body but the exercises change about every two weeks.