PlutusPlutus' Log

Hey all, I figured tossing this up on the net well help me via feedback, provide a forum for me to ask questions of the community and just showcase my gameplan. First some background:

I’m a freshman and Fordham University in the Bronx. I play lacrosse (in season) but its just a solid club program so the practices aren’t too rigorous. I’ve been lifting pretty consistently since sophomore year of HS but I am taking it seriously now. All you can eat meal plan seemed like a great time to try to fill out.

Weight: 210
Height: 6’4

Bench: 215
Deadlift: 305
Squat: 185(just started A2G)

Goals: Take advantage of my relatively early starting age. Put on as much muscle on my frame that I can whilst limiting any significant increases in bf%. I understand it is unrealistic to expect to get up to 240 without gaining some fat.

Breakfast- 5 egg scrambled with ham and cheese, Bagel w/2 oz PB
Lunch- Turkey sandwich (at least 6 oz), chicken breast in pasta w/marinara
Snack- Turkey sandwich (at least 6 oz), ham and rice
Dinner- Prefabbed meal, usually a protein (ham, chicken etc…) w/broccoli.
PreBed- 2 Cups cottage chese
I cycle through different items, this is a typical day however, I have fitday logged an entire week just to get a sense and I take in around 3,200 cals daily. IMO diet is the biggest factor in your body looking and performing the way you want it to. That being said I thought it was important to post this up, however the focus for my log is going to be my lifts.

I modified Westside a bit, FEAR NOT! I know I am still young to the iron game and I don’t think I know better than the silverbacks, I just tweaked the rep ranges on the Max Effort days to a Waterburyesque 10 x 3. I just finished the Waterbury Method and loved the 10 x 3.

Monday- Max Effort Upper

Bench Press 10x3
Rows 3x6
Incline DB 3X6
BB Curls 3x6
Weighted Crunch (Swiss ball)

Tuesday- Dynamic Effort Lower

Box Jumps 8x3
40yd Dash 6x1
Bulgarian Split Squat 3x8
Romanian Deadlift 3x10

Thursday- Dynamic Effort Upper

Bench Press Repdeath(135)x As many as I can x3
Rows/Throats Super 3x10
Bradford Press 4x10
EZcurl/Skullcrush Antagonist Pairing Superset 3x10
Weighted Crunch

Friday- Max Effort Lower
Squats 10x3
DB Stepups 3x8
DB Shrugs
Weighted Calf

Thoughts Going in:
If we aren’t moving forward, were falling backward.

Thats it! I am sure I am going to get “What are you doing!! Jump on a program made by the Pro’s!!”…and guess what, I can’t wait to hear it! 97% of you are so much more experienced and advanced in the iron game I don’t get distressed when I take a bit of rough love. I want to get stronger and bigger and I know that will take time, dedication and the ability to learn from others.

Day one:

Max Effort Upper (3/25/08)
Bench Press:
195x3 195x3 195x3
195x3 195x3 195x3 195x1
195x3 195x3 195x2 Nextweek: Complete 10 sets

BB Rows:
135x6 Nextweek:145

Incline DB:(Weight is combined total of DB’s)
130x6 Nextweek:140

BB Curls:
95x6 Nextweek:100

Weight Swiss Ball Crunches:

Thoughts: Decent day, just got back from spring break (Beer, sun, repeat) haha but I managed to find a gym down there so the drop off was not too severe. Looking forward to DE lower. You might have noticed that I did a monday workout on Tuesday, the gym was closed on account of easter. This week I am going:
Tuesday: ME Upper
Wednesday:DE Lower
Friday: DE Upper
Saturday: ME Lower

Day Two:

Dynamic Effort Lower (3/26/08)
Box Jumps(35’')
BWx3 BWx3 BWx3
BWx3 BWx3 BWx3
BWx3 BWx3 Nextweek: Find higher box, or add weight

40yd Sprints (30 secs between)
x1 x1
x1 Nextweek: Complete all six

Bulgarian Split Squat
40x8 Nextweek: 40 (better form)

Romanian Deadlift
205x5(Grip Issues) Nextweek:215

On paper I wasn’t to excited about this day, but the box jumps, sprints, and the weighted portions (espesh the Rome Deads) kicked my butt in a good way. My grip is holding back my ability to up the weight on the deadlift, I’d rather improve my grip then simply use wraps. What do you guys think?

Day Three:

Dynamic Effort Upper(3/27/08)
Bench Rep-out(135)x3

A1 Row

A2 Throat(Rope Pulls to Throat)

Bradford Press

B1 Curl(Incline)

B2 SkullCrushers

I should have changed my weight a bit because I wasn’t operating in the right rep ranges 100% of the time. Now I have an idea where I stand on these exercises. I have crammed all four days back to back to back to back w/out a rest(short week, gym closed monday). Next week I think the rest day on Wednesday is going to be great for me.