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Plunger Won't Move!



I just lost .5cc of winstrol depot! I was staring at the thing in my quad... try as I might, the damn plunger didn't bulge. Now, I didn't want to go gangsta on the little thingy and have the whole thing go in at warp speed... I tried and tried... I took it took... push and with a little resistance, the winstrol splurted on the desk... nice going there I told myself.....

should I just have pushed harder?? I'm tempted to give it another shot, but patience tells me to wait to hear from people on the board before wasting a full cc in one night...

needle is 1" 25g 3cc



Try aspirating some air in, and then try injecting out into the back end another syringe for next time. Or if need be, pull the needle out so as to be able to push into another syringe without the likely-obstructed needle.

It's also possible for the plunger itself to be the sticking point. If that is the case, then try pouring rubbing alcohol into the back of the syringe and see if you can draw it back then. If so then you may well be able to then push it all the way forwards to transfer to another syringe.


Yeah, I could pull it out without any problems. I was just encountering resistance -more so than I expected-, while trying to push it completely in. When I took it out, and pushed, I can't say I encountered resistance that much. I guess the resistance came from injecting into the muscle itself?

I guess I'll push harder tomorrow morning. I guess the only thing that could happen is pain... ?

thanks for the quick info!


You can drink the stuff, if injection becomes an issue.


Yes, I should have thought of adding that, but didn't. Not quite as efficient (still quite good however), but if sterility becomes compromised or is feared to be compromised from handling issues dealing with this stuck plunger, that avoids wasting it.


Also: I must really have not been paying the attention I should have. You said specifically you were using a 25 gauge 1" needle.

What I wrote was relevant to an insulin syringe.

It's less likely that a 25 gauge would be obstructed. Still you could try swapping the needle and see if the plunger now moves. If not, then try the alcohol trick to see if the plunger can be made to move backwards. If so you could easily transfer to another syringe, or as mephistopheles pointed out, drink it.


Same thing happens to me once in a while. I'm pushing that plunger down and it ain't budging! Usually though, I apply firm pressure, trying not to rocket the shit into my muscle and if I take my time eventually the plunger moves but I hold the syringe with 2 hands to keep control. It's just the plunger friction on the case, I think, and not the fact that the oil is not going into the muscle.


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Op told me he is using Denkall winstrol. Is that water or oil based? Water based should inject easier than oil I would think?


DH: Water (or oil) based suspensions - UGL only - often have larger particles of the active substance that make the use of smaller gauge needles impossible without blockages.

The manufacturer needs to use micronised powders to create susp products that flow through slin pins.

However as BR pointed out - this is unlikely to be the case when using a 25g.. as there would have to be some big fuckin lumps in it to block that!


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Hi OP here

thanks for the inputs, it was pretty frustrating to be there and not have it sink in. I'll try moving it around a bit next time. I doubt it is scar tissue build up...

Otherwise, I'll also try warming it up a bit in warm water beforehand, thanks for the tip Dynamo ; )

I'm just really apprehend it happening again... I don`t care to repeat the experience! lol

Otherwise, I'll drink it up... won't go to waste, that's for sure lol


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It happens to me fairly frequently (a few percent of injections) with the cheapo 29 gauges I now use.

It was rare to never with BD's. (Don't recall which, as it's been a long time since the BD's. Stopped buying them after having to have an argument with a pharmacist. I just don't care to potentially have to justify myself.)

My guess is that the cheapo needles aren't as sturdy and sometimes, even after the needle is in and some injection has occurred, some motion one doesn't even notice winds up deforming the needle internally and blocking flow. This is just a guess based on being completely unable to clear the needle, the oil at first going through fine, and the oil solution most definitely having no particles in it.


Bill you are not using exel brand are you?


Just to have a clear conscience, I took it out of the box where I keep my used needles and tried it in a glass of water.... everything was free flowing, so I have to rule out the bent needle...

I guess it was the muscle fascia or connective tissue like BBB said...

Just dropped my dog of to the vet today... after 14 years, he's in dog heaven now... so I don't really much feel like starting my cycle tonight... loggin' off...

thanks for the input! I'll be a new man tomorrow, ready to roll with it



^ Sorry about your dog.




Oh. I had figured, though admittedly you had not said, you had tried it in the air after pulling it out and it was still stuck at that point.

Which is a different problem than being stuck while in the body but not after being pulled out. Yes, it's as BBB said when that is the situation.


report from the battlelines : success on all fronts ; )

thanks guys! it just went perfectly in, smooth as butter. that's a relief! I thought I was superman with skin of steel or something ! lol

thanks again