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Plunger Piece?

While drawing a 1cc shot i noticed a small dark particle come into the syringe. Having takin all the proper procedures before piercing the bladder and drawing i came to the conclusion that it is a piece of the plunger head. With this said i tried to return the oil to the vial while keeping the particle in the syringe to throw away. This failing the particle traveled into the vial. I redrew with a new syringe it appeared again, i expelled it again and finally got a clean draw. Should i be concerned? Can i continue to use from this vial and just watch for it?

If you’re convinced it is a piece of the plunger, then it is as sterile as the inside of the syringe is and as long as you don’t inject the piece into yourself it will be fine. I would not see a problem with continuing to use the gear. However, it could be a piece of the rubber stopper from the vial also. I’d still say that your probably safe. Gear is somewhat self-sterilizing.

It is a piece of rubber from your stopper. It will not represent a problem - but don’t inject it! I is pretty common to get this when using larger vials such as 20 cc or greater - multiple pokes into the rubber cause this, and using an 18 guage needle for drawing doesn’t help. - I recomend needles for drawing on larger vials be 22 guage the largest, and draw out each time in a different spot - use a clock patern to ensure this. This will help reduce the damage to a stopper that the incured by multiple pokes in the same location. One of the other disadvantages of a - worn - out stopper that I find is that it will leak oil from the hole that has been repeatively used by large guage needles. - just another reason to use a clock pattern!

thanks for the advice, to be clear with the clockwork pattern does it matter how close to the center of the bladder i pierce or is any part of the surface acceptable