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Plumbing problem solved

A while ago, I posted about “plumbing” problems. I was using VPX’s 1-Test at the time(feel free to laugh), I got it for free, and was using only one serving/day 6cc. I have since stopped using it for 3 weeks, and been loading up on some left over clomid, Tribex, ZMA, and Saw Palmetto. Everything is working fine now. To all who responded, thanks. I still will check with a urologist to rule things out. According to the label, VPX uses the same compound in Mag-10. However, I feel that there may be significant amount of metabolites in it. Avant labs had that problem too with their “1-Test” products, and I think that there may be Boldenone or nandrolone metabolites floating around, as they were not using a pure compound. If there were the metabolites, I can see how I experienced those problems. Anyhow, I am on Day 2 of a Mag-10 cycle, and have had no problems. Thanks again, -The Starkdog

so wait, you’re saying that you couldn’t urinate because of VPX’s 1-test product? Why the hell is that? How do metabolites make it to the urinary tract?

I intended for this post to be put in the Steroids/Drugs section, but oh well. GMM, as for your questions, I wasn’t having troubles urinating, but was experiencing “deca dick.” I thought this was weird since I was only using “1-Test”. According to VPX’s label, it is the same compound -17beta-hydroxy-5alpha- androst-1-ene-3-one, as in Mag-10 less the ethylcarbonate ester. If I remember right, when Mag-10 first came out, several other people mimicked Biotest, and put out a “1-Test” product. However, these other companies had illegal metabolites in them. Speculation was that there was either nandrolone or boldenone metabolites as a contaminant to the “1-Test”. Soon, that was over, I think. But, I am on day 3 of a Mag-10 cycle, and I feel great. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced problems with dubious supplements from the “Tag-a-long” companies. Thanks, The Starkdog