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PLS Help my Hips

Hey guys and girls… after a lengthy break from the iron game (started martial arts and didn’t have time for both), I’m back and jumping in with both feet. But I need any help you all have to give. As I said, I’ve been doing serious Martial Arts training and everything is coming together very well, except my hip flexibility! When I try to kick very high, I have sharp pain in my left hip that feels like a frickin steak knife going into the joint. any pointers on how to solve/stretch/help this problem? thanks


If you don’t align your pelvis correctly, you are jamming your leg in the hip socket every time you kick. too much of that => tendonitis => pain.

My advice
3-4 times a week
hip mobility drills
Dynamic stretches

PNF stretches

for specific stretches and drills
you can go for scott sonon’s worrior wellnes or pavel tsatsuline’s “super joints” and “relax into stretch”

hope that helps


Are you saying that the hip problem has only started since you’ve started lifting again? Just wanted to clarify that before an answer.

One other thing: which type of high kick (roundhouse, front, crescent, etc) makes the pain? Or is it any or all of these?



A little more info and I could recommend some yoga poses that could possibly help out. Also, I would recommend seeing a chiropractor. Since you’ve started lifting again, you’ve possibly gotten something in your spine/hips out of alignment. You will be surprised how this can effect other things.