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PLP Timing

Hi, just read the article about PLP and sounds great, the problem is I can´t do this at home, because of the Pull-ups… so I can only do it at the gym either before or after training. I hit the gym after working, at about 5pm. Would it be ok to do it then? before or after?


[quote]Aloxis wrote:
the problem is I canÃ?´t do this at home, because of the Pull-ups…[/quote]
The Iron Gym doorway pull-up bar is about $30, doesn’t need to screw in anywhere, and can go in pretty much any doorway. Definitely a great investment in general.

From the article discussion:
CW: “The slow, steady progression of the PLP ensures that your body will continue to upregulate recovery so it won’t interfere with your other exercises. The key is to do the PLP workout 6 or more hours away from your main workout. In that way, it serves as active recovery too so you steadily increase your work capacity.”

Also, question: "Regarding timing; I have no way to do pullups at my house. The woodwork is old and half rotten so I can’t put a bar up, or one of those home gyms that goes over a doorway. So if I was to try this it would have to be when I’m at the gym. Would this be better following or before my regular workout? I was thinking that towards the end of the program maybe doing half before then half after? Also could I do the pushups & lunges in the morning say, and then do the pullups at the gym? "

CW: "It’s best to just do this challenge first since it’ll serve as a warm-up. As you get into higher reps you can split it up so you do half of the challenge before your main workout and half at the end. "

Hi, thanx for the answer, I´m not suer if I can get some kind of pullups bar here which I can use, u know, in Germany they love rules and sometimes they won´t allow anything at all… but I´l check it out