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Hey Tmen and woman,
I was wondering if anybody would be able to tell me what the purpose of boxes are in plyometrics(i’m talking about leg-work!).would it lessen the effectivesness if I were to do a pluo program without the use of a box?
Also, how do I go about doing sets? Should it be low rep, higher weight or just high reps using my own bodyweight?Also, should a set be done until your muscles burn,?I ask this because when i start to feel fatigue in my legs, my jumping ability is drastically reduced.Any advice would be appreciated as i cannot find the answers to these questions.
Thank you so very much

1)You don’t need boxes to do plyos. You can jump over hurdles or other obstacles, or you can do the exercises (e.g. tuck jumps, jumps in place, bounding, and single leg variations) without any equipment at all. 2) No,you shouldn’t feel a burn during plyos. They affect the nervous system more than the muscles and are all about speed and as little time under tension as possible (using the stretch reflex), unlike bodybuilding exercises which maximize time under tension.