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Plots To Change or Not To Change

Hey thanks alot Burnsy that’s some great improvment on your your part to!Ya I know Blake he’s the one that introduced this site to me and it’s been great ever since thanks ALOT buddie you got to get Koary writing now!

Anyways me and my buddie Eric found ourself in a bench plateau and i’v read in several diffrent mags that we should switch up are workouts and I just read the “How to end your strengh plateau” but their was nothing on benching. Someone suggested that we switch to bumbells for a few months then go back to bench I just want to know if it’s the right idea or not?

Use the search engine. There are plenty of articles in t-mag. Check out"Bench Press 600 pounds", and “Bone Cracking Bench”.

Bumbells sound about right for you.

One very important thing you can do to maintain steady progression is to change your training program regularly. It kind of sounds like you’ve just been repeating the same routine, so it’s definitely time to change things up. If you’ve never used dumbbells for chest work, then by all means incorporate them. Try other exercises like weighted dips (do a search for proper form), cable flyes, incline dumbbell press and others. Try different tempos, rep ranges, volume of loading and anything else you can change to surprise you’re body. Ko suggested some great articles, look into 5x5 and reread the “How to end you’re Strength Plateau” and the EDT articles and apply the principles to you’re goals. One last thing Louis, you’re English writing is about as good as my French writing, start using a spell-check unless you like getting flamed. Best of luck.


buhaayayayahaha. That is funny as hell I was thinking the exact same thing then I read your post. buhaaha.