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PLing Meet Reqs?


im wondering what would be good weights would be for im guessing the 198 class or whatever after that is.

im at anywhere from 210-215 these days

my gym lifts are

275x4 bench (looking to get 315x6)

315x4 squat (just started squatting again looking to get 405x6)

455x7 deadlift w/ straps (looking to get 495/500 x10)

i train for bodybuilding but use powerbuilding methods basically incorporating a lot of PLing techniques into my schedule so im wondering what would be good lifts for someone my weight. i would plan on competing raw too cause i dont want to even bother learning how to use suits and shit right now.

just wondering whats good, not elite and not awful numbers are cause i wouldnt even bother ever doing a meet if i didnt think i could win by some shot.


Take a look at these Raw classification charts:


If you can total Class II you will do alright at a local/state meet, Class I will place highly, possibly win. If you can total Master you will likely win your state meet, and do ok at a national meet. If you can total Elite, you will hold your own even at a national meet.

These are very broad generalizations, but it gives you an idea where you sit.

Anything over 198 is in the 220 class. So unless you drop 12-17lbs, you are a 220.



a 1279 is Class II @220

and a 315/405/495 = 1215

considering if i had to compete AT 220 id probably wait til i was repping those before i competed.

only tough part will be not using straps. but i pulled a 425x7 @ low 200's double overhand and ive never used a belt and dont plan on it, least not for a while.


I use a 13mm belt, and can't imagine training without it. It helps me lift more weight. Grip is an easier thing to bring up though too.

GL live, keep us posted.


425x7 double overhand, switch to a mixed grip and get some chalk on and you should be fine!

What's up with a belt?

I feel a lot better with a belt myself. But whatever moves the weight right.


I'm in the same boat. I want to push my lifts up a little more and then compete raw(only cause I know shit about gear). Little more work, I'm almost there.
781, what federation have you been looking at?


i dont even know dude, i checked out a chart on powerlifting watch.com but its like a damn spread sheet. i dont really care, i just want to lift raw and preferably in a tested fed as im drug free right now so why go up against guys who are probaly juicing? ya know what i mean?. i dont care about a monolift or not. i never even used one so id probaly be better off walking out anyway.


You shouldn't concern yourself with how you will do for your first meet. Nothing is going to go as planned, just go do any meet and get that first one under your belt. From there on out you can pick feds, classes etc. Just go do one...

I don't want to get into a huge debate, but why would you NOT want to use a belt? It's still raw.....


get your squat up asap............


well...its why would you do anything if you thought you wouldnt succeed? if you dont think you can and WILL win then whats the point? just to waste time?

ive never used a belt, i kind of pride myself on it actually. i know at some point im going to have to. once im pulling 600ish ill probaly need to start using one.


got ya. I'm doing a bit of research to see the differences. at this point though I just want something close, so I can get a feel for how a meet works.


This is a key point. Find out what feds are in your area. Who gives a shit what a fed does if it only holds competitions on the other side of the country.

Live - Modi gave some good estimates. The thing is, it always depends on who else shows up. My first meet had a lot of first time competitors (of all ages) and other guys/girls setting Provincial/National records.


Good luck on your meet.

Whenever you find one anyway.


I would get yourself a belt dude. I personally don't deadlift with one because it doesn't help me on it that much however it has REALLY added to my squat.


USAPL and AAU are the two most prominent feds for Raw lifting in MA.

I have only recently started using a belt on DL because it has been a hinderance in the past, but I get a lot of help out of it on the Squat. It's up to you how you want to compete.

As far as waiting until you are good enough...Forget it. Just get out there and compete and get a total. You never know who is going to show up on the day of a meet anyways. You could put up a 1600lb total and place fifth or put up 1000lbs and be the only one in your weight class and then you get a shiny trophy for beating no one. Just compete against yourself and try to beat it each time you compete.


Modi, do you happen to know where this meet is located and what weight class it is!? I think I'll cancel my current scheduled meet for this one!

OP, powerlifting is about improving, not winning. When you start putting up elite totals, becoming a national contender, etc., etc., then it becomes more about winning. Even then you still likely have to improve in order to win.


It was last month in St. Thomas Ontario in the 75kg class. Since you missed it, I stepped in and took your trophy, sucker!


I applaud and support your desire to compete. Even if you are BB directed. Powerlifting meets are an excellent 'short term goal' tool and supply a bit of extra pressure to your program.

Like many have posted...there is no time better than now.

I'd suggest attending a couple of meets to observe the flow and behavior of the lifters(volunteering to load and spot lets you be part of the event without the pressure of lifting).

I would also suggest you don't try to manipulate your bodyweight for your first half dozen meets or so. You will have enough challanging issues to deal with.

P.S. - use a spot for your squat....LOL - just getting even 781......good luck.....keep us in the loop!!!!!!


yeah man X2....i tried posting something similar last night but my fuck wad laptop was mensturating. You have to just go compete. if you want to just win, you could find a dime a dozen fed with numerous open weightclasses, or if you wanna compete to win, Modi got it for you. 1200 raw aint bad though, its all decent weights so yo could post pretty good.


To build competition experience. The sooner you get your feet wet in the sport, the sooner you will start progressing. Competing in meets is never a waste of time.