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PL'ing and Mountaineering/Climbing?

I’ve been lifting seriously for about a year and half now and have been training as a powerlifter for half that. I only competed in one meet, I pulled 425 and benched 225 (I got redlighted and such, don’t give me too much crap) @ 220#. But I’ve grown bored of powerlifting and have gotten much more into moutaineering, climbing, kayaking, things like that.

My weight has definitely been an issue, lemme tell ya it’s pretty hard to lug 220 lbs. of yourself up a mountain when all your 160 lb friends are flying up it. Makes you feel like a fat powerlifter. But so what I was wondering is if it will be possible at all to reconcile the lifting with the outdoors activities. I love deadlifting, absolutely love pulling as much as my body can take. But if that’s going to slow me down on the mountain, maybe I should lay off. I know I should do pull ups and higher rep squats and stuff to help train, but does anyone have any advice for how to get in shape for mountaineering and how to reconcile lifting with it? Thanks a lot

As both a bodybuilder and climber I know how you feel. I went through the same thing, I ended up cutting more than 50 lbs, but I ended up at 210 with about 7% body fat… Granted I only climb 5.10+ to 5.11-, but I can do that out at Jackson Falls ( in so. Ill) on saturday and go in abd bench 315 on monday… climbing is awesome cardio, but what’s the point of being lean if there’s no muscle to back it up?

Yeah I definitely know what you mean, climbing is certainly hard work. So do you still lift? And if you do, how do you lift? I was thinking about focusing on pull-ups and the Olympic lifts, but I’m not sure. Thanks man