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PLer Who's Proportioned Like Me?


I know ppl mention to find a powerlifter who has your structure and base stuff off him. Maybe others should post their's here for inspiration as well.

I can't seem to find anyone who fit's my description.
Super short arms and legs with a long torso. My frame is pretty narrow too, as far as bone structure. I'm only 5'9" if that's important.

Thanks ahead of time!


why would you want to base yourself off someone else instead of yourself?


That's not the goal. I want to watch the style and experiment from there, that's all.


You would look for someone successful in this sport who has similar levers and watch their technique and how they set themselves up to get the most out of them. It beats reinventing the wheel and provides a decent starting point.


sorry misread your original, i still think everyone is unique no matter how close you find someone, i also think it would be a waste to not watch EVERYONES style because you mayfind you gain insight from watching someone unlike you.


How do we define "short" and "long" anything in comparison to our height?



I'm the same way; my reach is 5 inches shorter than my height and I have stumps for legs, too, but I'm 6'3". Super long torso.

I suppose Jay Nera has a similar build, and watching his squat has helped.

I wouldn't get too caught up in all this though; just tinker as time goes on and find what works for you.


Is there perhaps a compilation of heights and builds of top powerlifters in each weight class somewhere?


That's how I'm defining it. When I say short legs I mean I'm barely breaking parallel on a 12" box. Just got short arms as well, I'd have to take a measurement for them to define it I guess.


That's pretty short for 5'9". I'm 5'6" with even pretty short legs for my height, but I'm in just about the same boat with a 12" box.

What's your inseam? Buying pants must be a bitch.



would that help?


You're right, jeans suck. I've split a few pairs so far. My legs look pretty damn big, but they only run 24". It's an illusion for sure lol.