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Please Vote for Me: Finalist in Body Transformation Comp.


I am a finalist in the Precision Nutrition men's program for this year. I would appreciate a vote from any and all who are willing!

I am finalist number 2. After you vote, don't forget to scroll down to the bottom and click "Place your vote", or it doesn't record.


finalists men january 2016


T-Nation tattoo on display!


Beast mode...


Where do we vote?


your after pic looks better than the other people
they may have lost more or gain but your final look is definatly better
voted for you


Thanks guys!


"Where do we vote?"

The admins appear to not like a link to an external site, so here's where to vote: www.precisionnutrition.com -> Blog (upper right corner) -> January 2016 Precision Nutrition Coaching for Men finalists

I am finalist #2!



I voted for you. Please consider giving us your thoughts on the Berardi system. I have his book.



X2, I think you have a good shot at winning too.


Voted. Good luck

also weird how a good amount of those guys look older after the transformation -maybe came down too hard?


I think Berardi has it dialed in. It's sort of a combination life coaching, nutrition coaching, workout program.

It's based on daily lessons and changing one habit at a time. You do a habit for two weeks, then two weeks later, you keep the old habit and start a new one. The lessons are mostly, but not always, based around the habits.

In the men's track, you can go one of three ways: fat loss, recomp (some weight loss with muscle gain), or full on building. The workouts are tailored to each approach, and sometimes the lessons are different. I went with the middle recomp program.

The nutrition stuff is all whole-foods based. Lots of lessons on choosing good foods, on food prep, etc.

Some of the coaches write occasionally for T-Nation, so you're likely to see a lot of cross-over.


Or... they came down too fast, maybe? When you were bigger and lose a lot of weight, that baggy skin can be a bitch!


Isn't the prize 50K?


The grand prize is 25K. I could buy a lot of Indigo 3G with 25K... :wink:

Honestly, the first thing my wife and I would do would be to go out and buy a better mattress... we would walk out of the store with the most comfortable one for both of us, so we could get better rest in between workouts!