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Please Verify My Math

I would like to ask everyone good in math to please verify my math for me.

I just finished a cycle and I have 2 vials of the exact same compound brewed the same way
10ml of 100mg/ml and 2.5ml of 75mg/ml to save space I added the 2.5ml to the 10ml
so heres what I got

10ml of 100mg/ml = 1000mg
2.5ml of 75mg/ml = 187.5mg
add together to make 1187.5mg/12.5ml = 95mg/ml

I also have a small 4ml vial of the exact same compound,again brewed the same way as the other 2 and I may add this with the rest just to store one larger vial rather than a couple because I am not going to be running this compound again untill this winter

heres for the 16.5ml.

14ml of 100mg/ml + 2.5ml of 75mg.ml
makes 1400mg + 187.5mg = 1587.5/16.5ml = 96.2mg/ml
am I correct in my math??

thanks in advance,I am pretty confidant in this as I have done this many many times before just wondering if I can get a yae or nae on this from people alot smarter than myself.

That’s the way I would calculate it. Sounds perfect to me.

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I think so… but i can see why you ask! it is a bit of a mind bender!

As i said, it seems ok… :wink:

see below

Not to split hairs, but I have it at 97.64 using weighted averages


Not sure what you have done there ‘11.31’ but it looks like you have got the incorrect volume there totalling 26.5ml when it is in actuality 16.5ml.

The correct way to do it is to divide the total concentration © by the total volume (V). I know as i have done it before on many many occasions and will continue to do so.


C = (4mlx100mg) + (10mlx100mg) + (2.5mlx75mg) = 1587.5mg
V = 4ml + 10ml + 2.5ml = 16.5ml


1587.5 / 16.5ml = 96.21mg/ml

This IS the correct answer.

Brook you might be correct, but in his post he said 14ml not 4ml

[quote]11.31 wrote:
Brook you might be correct, but in his post he said 14ml not 4ml[/quote]

sorry for any confusion
I have 3 vials 10ml,4ml and 2.5ml and want to consolidate
the 10ml and the 4ml are the same concentration (100mg/ml) so thats where I have the 14ml
the 2.5ml is 75mg/ml add them and its a total of 16.5ml

either way for the 16.5ml I have a concentration of 96.21212121212121212121