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Please Tell Me You're Not Like This


Ok... so I was having this 'discussion' over immigration, and I used Africa as an example of what happens when a whole continent is exploited to the extreme. The response that I got has me questioning the mental capacity of the adult white male (and I was just getting over my prejudice against you guys too).

Can anyone please reassure me that the 'real world' doesn't only have moronic baboons? Here's how part of our little conversation went:


Sheesh... the stupidity of certain folk.

You seemed to have forgotten that India has close to 1 billion people, whereas England has less than 100,000,000... not to mention that it was an invading force and that it ruled there for a couple of centuries. It's just so easy to drive people out, isn't it? [/quote]

I won't bother posting what I responded... it's just scary to think that people like this exist in "the most powerful country in the world."

And btw, I have nothing against people disagreeing with me. I respect people like rainjack and Rocsar, because they actually have like, you know, what's the word? Oh yeah, common sense.


The response that I got has me questioning the mental capacity of the adult white male (and I was just getting over my prejudice against you guys too).

You know, 98% of the time I hear an interview with an adult black sports persona, the same questioning of cognition enters my mind.


wait a second, I'm an adult white male...


As far as Africa, I think tribalism may be the largest cause, but colonialism certainly didn't help.

Germany and Japan, Japan was right at the end of the shogun era, when the people listened to the emperor/shogun because he had a divine right to rule. How can you question that kind of power, if that is the belief system you were brought up in? Germany built itself through propaganda, and you have to remember that 60+ years ago, the media was not as all-invasive as it is now. I would bet that the vast majority of Germans had no idea the Holocaust was happening, and those that did were propagandized to ignore it.


You do realize the irony of your argument, don't you?

Both you and Novak are in part saying the same thing and you don't even realize it: people -- in general, and, trust me, it's not race-specific -- are stupid. Humanity in general is capable of unbelievable amounts of stupidity, cruelty and general denial.

Governments are made of people, and bad (be them tyrannical, corrupt or simply grossly incompetent) governments allowed to exist by the majority of people who are either too stupid or too lazy to unite against them -- essentially, step up to the plate and try to become part of the solution.

HOWEVER, you are right that blaming the problems that ex-European Colonies have today squarely on the native population is short-sighted and simplistic. The devastation caused by European Colonists -- even simply the external cultural interference and bad influence -- is the root cause of many, many problems that savage those territories even today.

That does not mean that it's the colonists' blame only either. Just compare, say, Angola to Mozambique -- which both endured the same colonists for the same period, but came out of the ordeal VERY differently -- and you'll know what I mean.

Stupidity, lazyness, denial and cruelty are not race-specific. There's plenty of that to go around.

And, by the way, stop using the "common sense" expression. It's not sense and it's not common either.



Actually, I posted just that in my refute; I said that it was moronic to give only extremes, and that it's a combination of various factors that lead to a situation like to one in Africa. To disregad the infighting that has been going on or to ignore the colonialism that went on before it is to turn a blind eye to what you don't want to see. I was just too mad to post the rest of what I said.

As for the use of the phrase 'common sense', I can't think of an exact translation for "saber como no pensar como un priista"... so I used that instead.


You should have just posted it in Spanish. A lot of people in this country speak Spanish and know what that expression means (even white American boys like myself) and the ones that don't: they have someone who does nearby, for sure... :slightly_smiling:


You judge all black males or even the majority by what you here from athletes? Many of those same athletes are educated so which ones gave you this impression? I deal with people like you regularly. The number of times I am asked, "YOU'RE the doctor?!" shows just how ignorant some people are (let's ignore the name badge and the scrubs). The fact that no one called you on this speaks volumes about the many posters that type responses on this forum.


He was making the point that it is stupid for the original poster to judge all white people by the response of one guy. Simmer down, Prof.X, and put shit into context.


That sucks, how do you reply to that?


Precisely. Geez.


Good post. I agree with it - I'd probably underweight colonialism more than Hspdr, but I think this was good.

The fact that Africa has such an awful situation and the fact that Africa is predominantly black is a mere correlation. There is nothing in their 'race' that is causing them to fail miserably.


Prof. I was demonstrating the stupidity of blanket statements. What is interesting is that you attacked my response because it was a stereotypical statement, yet you didn?t attack the original poster?s racist statement. Is it because ONLY white people can be racist?


He could very well be making a sarcastic comment, but why not let him answer that? His comment could be read either way. It isn't amazing that you would immediately rule out the other possibility.


It happens so often that my scripted response to it is now, "Yes, I am. I assume you are the patient?"

I have actually given patients injections and still had them seriously ask the question afterwards as if I was some guy who was walking past the clinic and decided to walk in and pretend to be the doctor. Mind you, my name is on the front of the door (which opens into the room so it is visible), I am wearing a name tag, and my assistant has usually already paged me to the room. For those willing to blow it off, they aren't saying it to be funny either. This comment usually comes from young white males. I have had only one black female act similarly along with one asian male about two years ago. I would say the frequency is about two to three times a week as far as hearing this. Mind you, the majority of my patients request to work with only me after I see them.

For those who want to blame this on my size, there is another friend of mine, also a doctor in the clinic, who lifts weights seriously. He's white and has never been asked this question. I asked. Also consider that I grew my hair back so it can't be blamed on shaving my head either. Apparently, it is a very hard concept to grasp for many people that someone who looks like me could possibly be a doctor. It almost reminds me of a certain poster putting that title in quotes when referring to me.


I did attack your response. I am glad you were joking. I didn't attack the original poster for the simple reason that some of the responses I have gotten in the past (some very much like the ones he quoted) leave me scratching my head as well. I think we just had a conversation like this a few weeks ago in this forum.

I personally would never have worded it like that, however, his thread title did imply that he was asking the question. Had he simply logged on and accused without the question, I would have said the same to him. I personally found your comment offensive. I didn't catch the humor in it and I would be surprised if I was alone. Either way, I apologize for accusing you falsely.


I think you can safely put about 75% of the blame for the current state of race relations squarely on the shoulders of young, lazy, mouthy, whiny little fucks like nopal_juventus.

They look for resaons to complain when there are none. They look for reasons to cry racism when he is an admitted racist himself. Everyone is getting sick of the whole "I am a victim" bullshit.

Maybe people just don't like you becasue you are an ass. White, black - it doesn't make any difference. An ass is an ass.

Somebody makes a comment you don't like? Ignore them or shut their ass up. Hell - maybe start a dialogue. Communication. Who'da fuckin thunk?

But no whiny ass gets on here and tries to get a bunch of sympathy because poor little black kid was insulted. SO THE FUCK WHAT??? People are insulting. You are insulting. Everyone displays ignorance - even black folk. You have displayed way more than your fair share of ignorance in this thread alone.

And to ProfX - I see a 300 pound muscled up motherfucker come in - I'm asking if he's my doctor - white or black, or Indonesian. I don't think I am ignorant. I wonder if you were 155-160 would you get the same question. I'm willing to bet that it is a size issue rather than a color issue. Maybe not - but you are a rare find in the medical profession - black, or not.


I understand that my size is nowhere average. It is why it isn't like I am losing sleep over it. Not only that, but I am confident in the job that I do so I know I don't come up short on that side. Still, however, it can change your attitude towards a patient when you hear it from them. Keep that in mind the next time you make a statement like that to your doctor. It makes injections that much easier to give.


Jeez, thats a whole lot nicer than what I would have said being your size and in your place. I probably would have smacked them.


I can kinda vouch for this, and I'm one who knows people do work out in efforts to get HYOOOGGEEE. My physical therapist was once about 6'0 250 lbs, (and prof, I think I remember reading on one of your posts you're 280, not 250 like it says in your profile) and I was a little bit surprised when I saw him. But then again it could have been his mullet.