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Please tell me I'm not the only one...

I actually stand in awe of the great changes I’ve made to my physique in the last 4 years. Best of all my legs have gotten huge! The thing is that more and more I tend to linger in front of the mirror, just flexing… I’ll spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower to check out my legs and calves… In a lift with mirrors in it, while most people are checking their hair, I’m making sure my shirt is pulled nicely across my pecs… I’ll even go ‘hunting’ for a mirror at home if I’m just a tad bored… am I the only one with this addiction??? It’s not vanity either, it’s pride! So anyone with anything overly negative to say can piss right off!!!

Guilty as charged my friend!! Also on the beach I look to see whether I have the best bod there!! (Only after I finish checking out the hooters on the babes!!!)

Yeah, I check myself out in the mirror also, but I don’t look for mirrors or spend extra time getting ready for work. I’m basically looking to see how I’m progressing, where I need more work, etc. And there are days when I look and think, “Damn! What a difference a year can make.” And I like your attitude!

laugh I find myself flexing while I brush my teeth…and from there I always end up looking at my triceps (I’m very proud of my 'horse shoe!!!) no, I don’t seek out mirrors, but when one happens to be areund - and I’m alone - I’m guilty!

Giulty also. When in the lift at work, I’ll roll up my sleeves to check how my arms are doing, and what I would want them to look like. I do it all the time, before bed, in the morning when getting dressed. I think it’s just pride that you put all that effort in, and you can actually see the gains and think ‘Nice one Nathan, you’re doing well.’

I too am guilty of viewing myself in the mirror to see how the hard work is paying off. It’s not a vanity thing, just pride!

Guilty your honor! Ya…there is something about the way my vain patrudes in my bicep when i brush my teeth in the morning… at times i’ll just flex for ten min. before bed - gets the blood flowing.

I’m thinking of taking down the mirror in my weightroom because it keeps me from focusing during training sessions. Any other time, when I’m by myself I can’t stop staring. I should take a picture, it’ll last longer.

[heaves MASSIVE sigh of relief] grin Didn’t think I was the only one… On ya folks!

i look at my improvements also. Why the heck do we workout for anyways. I just try to avoid pride because that’s a sin. If you don’t care about sins then you are pissing on yourself. not intended for anyone person in perticular. laters pk

I look in the mirror to get pissed off before I go workout.

My friend, one of the main reasons we work so hard is to have that unerrasable smile standing before us in our mirror poses. Lately I’ve been thinking about charging every indivuidual within a ten foot radius of me a dollar when I take my shirt off. Lata.

“MB Eric: Postin’ with purpose since 1321.”


Well pkradgreek, I guess if pride is a sin, then so is sex. In which case, I shall now piss a waterfall all over myself!!! :wink: Anyway… hey Monkeyboy, you only charge a dollar, I’m making a killing at $5 a head. And if I’m feeling giving, I’ll even let some of the more attractive females touch me… :stuck_out_tongue:

my traps are finally getting some noticeable size, so i constantly, well not quite constantly look at them in the mirror.

My wife calls me a MQ - A Mirror Queer! (NOT an anti-gay thing - Queer means odd and strange too! OK!) - Matt

Hey you idiots. Haven’t you ever noticed how stupid people look when trying to see their reflection in every mirror or window? You immediately take a dislike to that arrogrant self absorbed asshole. Wise up. Is that what you want people to think of you. The best T Man is the really built one who doesn’t flaunt his looks. Get a life you flaming faggots.

Relax dude! Just because someone uses a mirror to gauge his progress doesn’t mean he is a flaming faggot (no personal attacks?) Maybe you don’t have anything to look at? Huh? This was a fun thread full of people admitting their fault and you have to be a Richard Cranium! - Matt

Hey Mat, I think that was just a windup. I mean, even the guys that run the show (especially TC…) make a point of saying that the bulk of us wanna get huge and ripped for the primary reason of getting ‘nekid’. In other words, using our new and much improved bodies to get more action. Seems our uneducated friend here has just missed the point.

Allright…so damn guilty it kills me…at first it was just me and the mirror…than mom drops by…technically I drop by from university… and while I was brushing my teeth and flexing…ok, downright posing…she goes, Won’t you stop looking at yourself in the mirror…Two weeks ago, my 13 years old cousin coming back from the CF cadets…: You keep starring at your arms…Well, yeah, you know how hard I work to get these? (Inside…shit this is getting out of hand…)

The point is, we are the only ones who know how hard we work to get the bodies we want, so we can get nekid more often and look better while doing it...Hell, it's a kick ass feelling when you see a girl who looks at you just a bit longer than she should be while your shirtless...and then being the one to, can't we get back to studing, the exam is tomorrow morning...

With the body I want to build, pullin’ an allnighter probably won’t have the seem meaning.

For all of yous mirror looking freaks, God bless you, Bring in the Pain, Bring on the Gains…cause they’re worth looking at.


Well, there is always Mirrors Anonymous. No harm in viewing one’s gains (when alone) in a mirror…unless it breaks or talks back. Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the best built of them all? Pee Wee Herman???