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Please "Tag" in Some Way the Posters Who Are Underage


The Punisher and flipcollar both suggested this, and I strongly agree. (and they’re young dudes)

I am an old man of 55, and there is no way I talk to anyone under 18 the same way I’d talk to an “adult”. Well, to be honest LOL :wink: I probably draw the line closer to 25 or so, but we have to be realistic about these things…


It’s a great thought, but I don’t see how you can do it.


Does tag mean ban?:stuck_out_tongue:


I’d need to check if the tech guys can do something like that and if HQ is on board, but it’d obviously only be useful if people are honest with their birthdate info when signing up. People are always honest on the Internet though, so it’d probably work.

I believe the forum is technically “supposed to” be 18+ to join, but stuff happens. I don’t think there have ever been a ton of guys much younger than mid-to-late teens, and just a handful of short-timers in their early-teens.

Probably best to just try making mental notes of who’s younger, kinda like how we make mental notes about who’s a dick and who’s actually knowledgable, and engage them accordingly.

I might be reaching, but the idea almost gets towards a slippery slope of “do we need to indicate gender, too?” Just like someone’s advice or tone can change depending on whether you’re talking to an adult or kid, it can be the same for men/women. Know what I mean, kinda sorta?


Speaking of slippery slopes, for how long have you had issues with intersex people?



Once I argued with Hugh Gilly, thought he was just a fat old country idiot, I was mad when I found he is just young


The good old “17 years old first cycle” thread lel

Seems like they drop EOD


Is this such a bad idea as well? Just a little indicator next to the username that is optional to have and can be turned on and off.

I believe advice can definitely be gender specific and also age specific and can only help distinguish and remind the regular users who they are communicating with.

It will obviously be abused at some stage, but it could be helpful for people who genuinely want help.


Do not assume the gender baby pls


I’m just a simple man. I’d be happy with ‘male’ ‘female’ and a blank for the demigender fluid tranny neutroi peoples. Sue me.


You can put an age icon, gender thingy next to me if you ever decide to. I have no problem with people knowing I’m still an emotional, 22 year old, female college student. In fact, I think that warning would be great. Granted I stay in line most days.


If you’re going to list gender I think it would be a good idea to also come up with gender icons for members that identify themselves with the opposite sex. For example if Bruce Jenner were to join the forum having only male/female identifiers may confuse him leaving him frustrated and withdrawn.





It saddens me that, with the current state of public discourse, I cannot tell whether this is a jest or serious. I hope for the former and fear the latter


Agreed, it seems unnecessary. Why would you feel the need to talk differently to someone who’s 25 vs someone who’s 45?


I wouldn’t, but I would certainly speak differently to a 13 year old than a 25 year old.


To be fair @Irishman92 telling that 13 year old to fix his cough by drinking whisky was pretty damn funny


To be fair, that’s how I fixed my cough when I was 13 :laughing: