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Please Stop Critiquing Posture


This is just a request to all the posters here to please stop telling the people who posts photos of themselves on this site that their posture and/or shoulders are misaligned. 99.9% of the people who do that aren't qualified for that at all, and even less so from looking at a couple of two-dimensional photos in bad lighting.

Just do Tony Gentilcore's "pencil test" in the privacy of your own home and save the "Great lats and you're swole, but sadly, you are inferior to my 5'8 150 lbs. physique because your shoulders are internally rotated" to the experts. Thank you and I love you too.


What about this dude .. http://www.T-Nation.com/forum_images/8d02b-DSC00089.jpg


LOL. No, not even him. Let him destroy his own neck by pretending to have traps.


But, but... I've read two articles on the subject and even know the corresponding acronyms.


Lol, yeah I was guilty of that when I first started reading articles here. Then I realized how little I knew when I tried to fix my own problems.

Lesson learned- several hours of reading doesn't make you as qualified as several years of education and practical application.


Good post! I noticed ever since TG's latest article there were a few critiques in the physique and performance forums on posture, and also in the past.

With that said, my gym sometimes offers "free posture analysis" and I've always been skeptical of that too. The trainers at my gym apparently don't know dog-shit about training (which is obvious when observing them training someone) so it leads me to believe they're nowhere near being qualified to critique posture either. So I figure doing my own analysis with information from credible sources here at the Nation is probably the best way to go for now.


When your significant other interrupts your conversation to tell you that you have some lettuce stuck in your teeth, do you bitch at her for not focusing on the conversation?

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Why can't people just stand up straight when they take their picture? This is a reflection of poor parenting, imo.



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