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Please Someone Help

Chad recommended I start out with Big Boy Basics. I started my 5th week (Monday) today. The next program I’m supposed to do is ABBH. I believe that is the Anti Bodybuilding Program? I am new to this and am no math genius so this program totally confuses me.

Day 1

Sets per Muscle Group: Chest 10, Back 10

Movement Plane: Horizontal

Examples: Flat Barbell Bench, Barbell Rows, Seated Cable Row (both back movements using a pronated grip with the width the exact same as bench press)

Reps: 3

Load: 80% of 1RM

Rest: 60 seconds between supersets (i.e. train chest, rest 60 secs, train back, rest 60 secs, train chest, rest 60 seconds, etc)

I don’t know how to figure out the load?

I don’t understand how there are 10 sets for chest and 10 sets for back. How do I know which exercises to pick & how do I know which one to do more of? If you have 10 sets for 3 reps then you only pick 2 exercises or what? I’m so confused somebody help me please. I’ll be done with this workout that I’m doing now on Sunday.

Choose two exercises… one chest… one back… the exercise is to be done on the horizontal plane.

Lets say you choose bench presses and bent rows. You’re going to do 10 sets of each, in antagonistic fashion, with 60 second rests.

Benchpress, rest, bentover row, rest, repeat 9 more times.

I hope thats clear enough.

Ok, first, take a real deep breath. Say to yourself, “I’ve got an entire week to work this out.” Repeat it a few more times.

Alright, first, pick one exercise for chest, one for back. When I did ABBH I used flat bench, and seated row. Might as well keep it simple, the program is complex enough.

Second, for picking the load, pick a weight you can do 6 times. This load will be sufficient for the program. Later, Chad started using different terms instead of % of an RM.

If you have any other questions, try searching for answers first, there have been a bunch of thread asking questions about ABBH, so you should be able to find anything you need. If you can’t, let us know.

Good Luck