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Please Shoot Me... North Korea


Eh not really. I don’t stand to gain anything from seeing people cry. Maybe Hitler, just to say I saw it, but meh.

The very nature of the statement is partisan. It’s like the whole point of the sentence. “I have designated these people as far lefties and I want to see these people cry.” You gain nothing by far lefties crying.

Ehhh. I guess. I feel like it’s redefining though. I used to call myself a liberal because my socially liberal side would clash with the fiscally conservative and the libs kept winning nationally. Now that fiscal conservatism doesn’t exist it’s really just become a social game.

This isn’t the first back and forth I’ve gotten into for saying that exact thing. Used to say it to Zeb all the time.



Btw, what happened to Zeb? I remember him betting someone and I remember his double account thing. Did he get booted?


Nah I think it’s because he’s diehard partisan, but at heart a ton of the stuff Trump was doing/about to do is really opposed by old-school Repubs. He devolved into saying it’s all just a game and you vote for the party yadayada.

Once it picked up he started the “hey guys gotta go expand my business with all the tax savings” line and kinda poofed. I think I saw him post a few things a bit back but I think it was off topic or something


No, it doesn’t.


Of course it does. Either our statements and views are what qualify as partisan, or the person is labeled as partisan. But since essentially zero people tow the official party line on every single issue top to bottom, nobody is truly “partisan.”

Being partisan is a scale, and since humans inherently have bias we’re all on it.



I think we need to give you a quiver of mics.

I remember a video made by a bunch of ‘students’ who were ganging up on Jordan Peterson because he protested the requirements for identifying 72 potential genders.
These ‘filmers’ were just clearly there to push their hatred on their target.

They said, “Why do NAZI’s attend your events?” He responded, “I don’t like NAZI’s”

Then there was a commotion and he said “Right now, I am talking to her.” She responds, “Don’t call me that”

Do what??? Clearly looking for a fight, looking to win. “To serve no higher purpose than to troll the other side.”


Ok so you walked back your statement. Don’t tell me.


Whatever you say champ. Have a good one


You know at first I thought the movie trailer they showed Kim was retarded…but then I realized this guy picked Denis Rodman as his token black friend & US ambassador…so maybe it worked… plus plugging condos & resorts meh…maybe this is 4D chess and I just don’t get it



Where you been, man?


Just bizzy…tuned out from politics since Im white & rich I haven’t been affected much


I think they gave Obama the Nobel for defeating the Republicans in hopes that Obama would bring America back from going it alone on the international stage. I have to admit, they got that wrong in a big way.


What specifically are you referring to here? When Obama was elected, what aspect of American government or economy was “going it alone”? I’m genuinely curious where you’re coming from here/where you got this notion…


GWB’s invasion of Iraq wasn’t popular with most of our normal allies. The Bush Administration had to twist a lot of arms internationally, so to speak, to get any cooperation.


That’s an understatement.

My brother did three tours in Afghanistan as part of the allied ISAF contingent. Literally, everyone, from rank-and-file soldiers to higher ups and politicians, knew that the invasion of Afghanistan is pointless bullshit that will result in a colossal waste of money, lives and materiel.

But they went to Afghanistan nevertheless with gritted teeth, out of a sense of duty to their senior ally.

So listening to Trump constantly shitting on “dishonest” NATO and “Europeans robbing the US blind” is especially galling when one takes into account all that high praise he reserves for Kim and Putin.


Or the fact that those European nations are more vulnerable to terror attacks.