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Please Shed Some Light


A friend of mine whose a doctor said something that i thought was a bit strange.. he says men in thier 20s who masturbate once a week or more store more abdominal fat as a result, accompanied by bigger waistlines and a flabby abdomen. to what extent is this true? even if your doing it once a week, can that be considered detrimental towards your goals as a bodybuilder who wants to achieve maximum definition, mass and aesthetics?


That has to be bullshit. All throught my 20's I hovered at around 6-8% and spanked it like a maniac.
Are you sure he's a doctor? When he's done "examining" does he turn around and say-Your turn!


Your friend's information seems suspect at best. Ask to see SOME sort of evidence supporting his comment. If this was even remotely true, every man on the planet would be kicking his flabby gut everytime he took a step.

Someone probably took a group of overweight men, asked if they masturbated, found that 100% of them did, and then concluded that masturbation leads to obesity.



When he checked your prostate did he have one hand on each of your shoulders?


He's probably joking with you, cos if not then revoke his medical licence.

This is complete bullshit. In fact, in one study, it was shown that regular masturbation, esp in the early 20s-30s, had a protective effect against prostate cancer.

If anything, beat off more!


WTF!!! thats the strangest thing I've heard so far in this forum LOLOLOLO


Alternate hands or it messes up your symmetry...

  Hey bro,

If that were true I would weigh 500 pounds.I think it's important that you alternate hands.That keeps it from leaning to the right.



Although, the study also said that it decreased staying time during the real event so if you beat it too much your hand may be the only thing that you are able to satisfy


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh shit my sides hurt now.




You'll notice my left arm is smaller...