Please settle a debate, are squats bad for your knees?

Please settle a debate for me. A friend of mine swears that Squats can be bad for your knees. In fact he suggests leg presses instead of squats. I say that if done correctly, squats are not bad for your knees, and that leg presses will do far more damage then squats. Can someone please tell me who is right, there is money riding on this as well, so please be somewhat scientific (if posibble) in your answer. Basically, what I mean is, please don’t reply with “Squats rule!” or something like that.


T-mag has answered this about a billion times. No. The origin of the myth is explained in the old “smart training” interviews with dr. kinakin.

could you please refer me to this article.
i dont know where to dig it up.

Just ask him why squats are bad for the knees, and tell him that “because everyone says so” isn’t an acceptable answer.

read up on open joint stress and closed joint stress…

Squats Rule!

I think squats are only ‘bad for you’ if someone busts their ass doing them.

What kind of squats?

What kind of knees?

What kind of bad?

How does he take a shit if he can’t squat?

Anyhow here is a link:


pounce on your friend and let us know his best defense. I agree with him though. (shhhhhhhh, I want to be able to get to the squat rack without delay) I suggest machine hacks, leg x and leg curls.