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Please Rip up and Ridicule my Schedule


How does this schedule look for trying to put on mass/str while losing a little fat?

I just came off the V-Diet and I have some newbie gains avaliable on basic exercises like squat and bench that were kind of neglected during that regiment, so I think its possible for me to up poundages by at least 10 lbs/week or so for a few weeks here. After that I was going to go on Thibs Get Jacked before going on a more or less permanent DC style bulk w/ minimal/no fat gain regiment.

I'm still trying to lose fat because although I did lose about 22 lbs during my V-Diet, some of that, I'm pretty sure, was muscle, my waist is still at 35", and I don't have my six pack yet. I'm considering what I'm doing for the next couple of weeks to be kind of a weight maintenance period to recover from the v-diet. I'm 5'10", 198 lbs right now, and I'm guessing around 15% BF but I haven't had it tested.

6:00 P+C meal
9:00 P+F meal w/ green veggies
11:00 1 hr LISS cardio
12:00 P+F meal w/ green veggies
2:00 workout followed by 2 scoops Surge
4:00 P+C meal
7:00 P+F meal
10:00 2 scoops Metabolic Drive

Two P+C meals, 1 hr LISS cardio, then one more P+C meal, two P+F meals and 2 scoops Metabolic Drive before bed.

same eating as Tue/Thu but probably no cardio.

My workouts right now are:
M: Chest/Back
W: Legs
F: Shoulders/arms

A P+F meal for me is like 6-8 ounces of beef/whole chicken with a bowl of steamed spinach/broccoli, and a P+C meal would be a 8-10 oz chicken breast + ~200g of sweet potato or equivalent calories brown rice.

Main questions:
a) Is the timing of the cardio ok or should i really be trying to move it somewhere else?
b) Is this carb cycling and am I doing it right, or do I have P+F/P+C meals in the wrong places?

Thanks for reading and if I've omitted anything you would want to know then plz let me know.


Your schedule is goofy and it dresses funny.


ive seen a 9 year old girl do that program


I'll go post this in the beginner forum... apparently the rash of stupid topics has you guys jaded to serious questions from relative noobs.


Thank you.



OK, if you are a relative noob, I doubt that your split will be optimal for you at this point.

The cardio 3 hours before lifting on lifting days may adversely affect your lifting intensity. I would not do anything more intense than walking before lifting. I would instead do a little (30 min maybe) right after lifting, then have the Surge.

I do not understand why you would have so many P+C meals on non-lifting days. You want to take in most of your carbs after lifting. Make those 2 meals after lifting both P+C.


Unfortunately...yeah, this forum is getting shit on lately. I'll gladly help you with it once you make that new thread in Beginners.



dont tell people to ridicule your training and then cry when they say it dresses funny and smells like fromunda


K thanks for the helpful replies. I'll move this and answer what's been asked over in the beginner's forum.


For the record, this made me chuckle. The responses are mostly because of the title of your post. We're all sarcastic assholes here. Just the way it is.


Food intake looks fine. I'd say that 3x a week is too little to being doing a bodypart split like that. A split like you have would usually call for training 4-5x a week. Also cardio the same day seems a little rough, why not do cardio on separate days?

IMO either turn the 3x a week split into full body three times a week with varying exercises, or keep the body part split and up training to 5x a week. As for cardio, either separate days or distance it a little more from weight training during the day if possible.

But yeah the replies were really just answering your request to ridicule your routine. Change the title and post in beginner forum


exactly. I was just being sarcastic. Don't take my comment seriously. Your program is not goofy and I've never laughed at how it dresses.


hehe it didn't bother me; i just know there's a lot of stuff that gets asked multiple times and I know a lot of what I posted might fall into that.

I was actually expecting some abuse w/ that title. Feel free.