Please Review My Squat!

I can’t decide how to perform my squats, been back and forth lately between high-bar and low-bar. I tried filming low-bar today and it would be great if you guys could review it.
Personally I think I need to stick my butt out more, but I could be wrong.


Your squat looks good, if you want a more powerlifting style of squat don’t let your knees go forward so much. This will force you to sit back more and you probably won’t be able to go as deep. Also, powerlifters usually take a wider stance (you are limited by the rack though). But I like the hybrid-type squat that you demonstrated.

Looks strong and comfortable

For the sake of males everywhere, please consider filming one rack over.

Thanks for the replies guys! Appreciate it. I’ll stick with low-bar for now, try to make it as smooth as possible. And I’ll try to sit more back into the hole as you pointed out smallmike.

Johnny: I’ll ask the guy filming, as he’s her boyfriend :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good although I’m no expert nice depth maybe make sure the knees don’t go to far forward like smallmike said. FYI I was a little distracted in the first part

I would suggest hinging at the hip more, I notice you break at the knee and the hip at the same time which in some cases isn’t too bad but my suggestion would be to break at the hip first follow up with the knee and through out on your way down make sure you’re pushing the limits with out far you can get your hips back and all the while seeing how far you can pull the knees back along with it.

The hips are what’s important here. Also while sitting back, hinging, and pulling the knees back maintain an optimal posture for your structure, ie-don’t round over or over arch. This will put you more on your heels recruiting just as much quad activation as a traditional squat while also utilizing your powerhouse, hips glutes hams etc.

Looks fine to me. Stick to it.

Thanks for the replies!

I agree that your squat looks very strong and comfortable, and I would suggest you keep your style virtually the same… my only hesitation is that your knees are coming SO far forward that it looks like you are having trouble getting below parallel. Which, since this is a powerlifting forum, I will assume is important to you. I don’t know if sitting back more is necessarily the answer though.

First of all, it looks like on the first, lighter set you go a little bit deeper, so maybe just be very careful that you are going as low as you can on your heavy sets as well. Also, perhaps moving the bar a little higher would help you get your torso more upright, and that would help you get to depth easier. OR, as others have suggested, you could sit back a little more, which will keep your shins more vertical, which will make getting to parallel a little easier. But I don’t really like that option. Personal preference.

Anyways, really nice looking squat overall. It looks more like your proportions are making it tough for you to hit depth, not any fault in your technique. Just play with it a little to figure out the best way to get a tiny bit lower. But don’t change it too much, because it looks great.

Got a clip of where I’m doing high-bar with a closer stance. I see I break at the knees first and thus got less arch in my back and little (or none) “buttwink”.

How does this look? Guess I’m in the wrong forum for olympic squats, but figured I’d throw it in here.

Thanks in advance.

You get to depth WAY easier with the high bar. You also are getting a little more forward though. My suggestion - find something in between the two, so that you can get to depth every time without a problem, but you also have all the advantages that low bar offers. Your low bar squat looked great, but your high bar squat is a lot deeper, so just find a bar placement that is a tiny bit higher than your low bar, make sure you get depth every time, and wreak havok haha.

I read, applied, no Buttwink, hit PR.

dude. youre squat looks fluid and clean. dont ask for your form to be critiqued. you dont need anyone to validate what feels good for you. i think it looks good. all u need to do is ask yourself if it feels good.
thats it. but keep up the good work and SFW.