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Please Review My Routine

I’ve been lifting for 5 months now. In the past month I have switched from 3 sets of 8 to 5 sets of 5. While I had been lifting 3x a week, because the work outs are now longer I’ve split it into two days. So now I spend 6 days in the gym. Here’s my routine:

Mon, Wed, Fri:
Back Squats

Tues, Thurs, Sat:
Push press
Pull ups
Bench press
Lying row

By the end of the second day work out I’m usually really tired and not performing as well as if I had started with that exercise. Is this an indication my routine is not as efficient as it might be? I’m open to suggestions. I also rest 90 seconds in between sets, is this the right length?

You need to cut back on strength training days and build in a couple days as active recovery because you’re running yourself into the ground.

Cut out one of the lower body days and one of the upper body days and have two days where you do very light circuit training. Incorporate a good warm-up with dynamic stretches and include some prehabilitation lifts for your shoulders.

Rest time depends on the intensity of the workout. When you think you’re ready for a set, wait 20 or so seconds more to make sure your nervous system is ready.