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Please Review My Lab Results


I’ve been on TRT for a few months. The goal was to maintain a ‘good’ Testosterone level to help battle fatigue and inability to concentrate. I do exercise regularly (weightlifting/cardio 7 days a week) but the goal was not to use TRT for enhanced muscle growth.

So specs and results:

Age: 42
Gender: Male
Testosterone: Testoviron Depot (Bayer)
Dosage: 0.5 ML (125mg)
Frequency: Weekly

Lab Results:
Lab tests were done about 1 hour before my weekly injection.

WBC Count - 6,700 (4,000 - 11,000)
RBC Count - 4.81 (4.50 - 6.00)
Hematocrit - 41.9% (41 - 51)
Estradiol (E2) - 65.5 pg/ml (25.8 - 60.7)
Prolactin - 15.9 ng/mL (4.0 - 15.2)
Cortisol - 9.310 ug/dL (6.02 - 18.4)

Testosterone - 1183.00 ng/Dl (249 - 836)
Free Testosterone - 22.6 ng/Dl (5.71 - 17.84)
Free Testosterone - 1.9% (1.53 - 2.88%)
Bioavailable Testosterone - 530.00 ng/dl (125.65 - 412.10)
Bioavailable Testosterone - 44.8% (35.0 - 66.3)
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin - 52.17 nmol/L (18.3 - 54.1)
Albumin - 4.29 g/dl (3.40 - 4.80)

For the most part, everything seems to be ‘fine’, with the exception of E2 which seems to be high. However, I read that the higher the Testosterone the higher the E2 should be but would appreciate extra feedback on this.

From a non-data-backed point of view, after being on TRT for a few months I have noticed several positive benefits:

– Ability to concentrate after working on greatly improved (from unable to read or do more than sit on the couch, to actively reading textbooks)
– Increased Libido
– Overall mood better

Thank you all.

That’s a sound starting protocol for dosing, but I question the E2 test as the range seems off from what I’m used to seeing. Is it sensitive essay? You definitely want to recheck your SHBG and see if you’re able to bring it down some to increase free T, if not you might require more T to do so. You’re probably going to require an AI.

I take it by AI you mean Aromatase Inhibitor ? Should I be looking at the Pill form or do I need another injection? (I’m trying to search the forums for details on this but would appreciate any good feedback or links).

I might hit up another lab just to do an E2 test to confirm the findings.

Your SHBG is probably high because your E2 also increased to a fairly high range. Estrogen goes up, so does SHBG. I would get your estrogen under control before even THINKING of adding more test. Honestly you don’t need it, you need to get estrogen in control, and your SHBG should come down, if it doesn’t, then consider adding more test, to compensate. Unless you are feeling good just by lowering your estrogen, in that case, don’t fuck with it.

I’m happy with the T level (I don’t need massive numbers). So I believe I should try to bring the E2 level down a bit.

Anyone can point me in the right direction for what I should look for to help with E2 levels. Are these recommended to be injections only, or are tablets good/safe (unlike TRT where Injections and not tablets are recommended).

Alternatively, are there other types of supplements that help (such as Animal Test/Stak/etc.)

It looks like if I do go with an AI directly, I can start with a low dosage first and then slowly increase (if needed). In other words, there is no drawback from having a low dose (other than it’s not effective enough).

Thank you all.

Starting out low is always a safe bet, it’ll just take longer to find the right balance. You could inject smaller doses more often and maybe not even need an AI. Weekly shots will alway produce more E2 than twice weekly or even EOD.

I’m presently doing 0.5ml / week. I don’t really want to go to daily so I could go to every 4 days with 0.25ml ?

Alternatively, I would welcome a better way to control the E2. Besides AI. I’ve restarted taking Zinc (Animal Pak), and maybe that will be enough to bring it down.

I’m eyeing Animal Test, and wondering if anyone thinks that would further help.

.5ml is the volume, what is the mgs? I take 5.ml 100mg.

1ml = 250mg, so i’m presently doing 0.5ml (125 mg) per week.

If I did every 4 days, I suppose that would bring me down to 0.25ml (62.5 mg).

Of course, this means I’ll be throwing away 0.75ml each time as I do not save the rest (storage and contamination concerns).