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Please Review My Cycle Test/Deca/Var

Hello all,

A friend at a local gym referred me to you guys. I was hoping to get a critique on what I have started as a cycle. But first, here is some background information. I’ve been lifting extensively for many years on and off. I have been on trt for 2 yrs now at 120mg week. I am 215 lbs with probably 14% body fat.

Here is the cycle.

Weeks 1-15
750mg test cyp every week
500mg Deca every week
Exemstane 12.5mg ed
Nova 20mg ed

Week 1-13
Anavar 50mg ed.

I have extra Nova and extra test at the end of this cycle for the purpose of tapering off to my original trt dose if required… My biggest concern is preventing gyno, and making sure I am running the Nova correctly.

Any recommendations is appreciated.

P.s. I am reading more and more on the different effect on mixing Nova and Deca. I’m running across mixed recommendations on the topic

test C should be split between two shots, letro will be better for gyno than Armoasin, Id get some caber if your gonna run thats much deca.