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Please Review My Bulking Diet

Hey guys I am 17yr old 6’2 205-210 Dont know my bodyfat but I imagine its around 15% heres my bulking diet-
I dont know how many servings of chicken I eat a day but usually I eat half a 3lb bag a day which equates to 120g of protein from chicken.
Morning Meal1:
Few slices of toast and a bow of cottage cheese well
1/2 a 24oz container.45g of protein
Meal 2
Weight gainer shake-50g of protein
Meal 3
Some fruit usually apple bananna and an orange
Some bread
Some chicken.
Meal 4
Some more chicken and whatever else I feel like usually some potatoes sometimes nothing.
Can of Tuna before gym 32g of protein.
42G protein shake after workout
Meal 7
Some more chicken or another can of tuna
Meal 8
The other half of the 24 oz container 45g of protein and whatever else I feel.
otal protein around 334g a day, this is on a good day.

About 3days I am perfect a week, others I usually float around 275.
This diet is the bare minimum I eat a day. My parents also make me eat dinner after meal 4. Usually either
A soup,
B some sort of beef and potatoes and salad or
C some sort of meat potatoes salad.
Sometimes I replace a meal with a large 5buck pizza :slight_smile: cant help myself.

Since Im bulking I eat usually anything else I want besides sugary things. I tend to stay away from sugary shit, but every now nad then Ill have 2 or 3 cookies a day. I dont drink pop at all. Nore am I a juice man.
Now Im trying to incorporate some whole milk at least 1/4-1/2 gallon a day but it makes me gassy.

Anyhow I would like some help on my carbs Im sick of rice and potatoes any other good options?
What do you guys think? I ve gone up from 190 to about 210
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I didn’t read all of this because of the way it is formatted and all runs together. I suggest you put some breaks in there somewhere or most people are going to skip over this. obviously myself included

Sorry I posted in another forum and forgot to reformat it, will do.


bro, i see a lot of macronutrient problems with this diet. First off, you have seem meals with just protein and other meals with fat,carbs, and protein. Consider changing your meals to either p/f p/c. I wouldn’t reccommend doing too many p/f/c meals, but u can get away with a couple bulking. Remember if u have a meal just p the p is getting used for energy when it should get used for building muscle. I also recommend a p/c meal pre and post workout.