Please read before you flame

OK, so i found out that there are going to be a large number of openings in the male cheerleader squad at my university, and they are looking for guys to fill the positions. I know there are a couple former cheerleaders, male andfemale on here, and i was wondering what i should include in a program to increase my chances of making the cut? My current training program, which has nothing to do with cheerleading, is ABBH combined with martial arts training 5 days a week.

i should have specified, These are male cheerleaders that assist the female cheerleaders. The main thing i would have to eb able to do is lift up a female cheerleader.

Drew, I hope Goldberg stops by. If he doesn’t, drop him a PM and ask him to comment. He did some cheerleading in college.

You’re right about needing sport-specific training. You need to be training for strength, rather than hypertrophy. And you definitely need to increase upper-body and over-head strength.

Good luck to you!!!