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Please Rate This FFB Bulk Plan

FFB who lost too much weight, and not enough body fat, looking to gain 30 lean pounds before cutting to single digit body fat. I posted something like this a week ago but figured more people will look if I make a new post.

Breakfast - Egg white/2 omega 3 egg omelet (sliced onion, tomato, peppers) + 20g Metabolic Drive shake and 1 serving fruit.

Snack 1 - 1 serving almonds + 1 serving cheese

Lunch - skinless boneless chicken (beef or fish) 1 cup broccoli.

pre work out 1/2 Surge + 3 BCAAs
Post work out 1/2 surge+ creatine and 3 BCAAS

Dinner- pretty much same as lunch.

Snack 2 - natural peanut butter on celery, 2 pieces.

Pre bedtime 20g shake, ZMA and BCAAs (on training days)

Supps 4 Flameout, 4 Carbolin-19. 2 in AM/PM


I can’t stand plain oatmeal, are their any healthy cereals? I like special K with almonds and fruit but I stopped eating it after reading one of Shugart’s articles.

Is this a pretty good plan? If it is than I will stick with it and add cals to it each week. I think I am getting enough protein, healthy carbs and fats. I plan on doing this exactly tomorrow so I will count out all the cals than.


Whats the actual macro-nutrient breakdowns? What do you weigh, how tall, what are you doing for training? I think people will be more apt to help you if you include that information.

Started in August at 180 and 30% body fat. I am now 130 and 15% BF. Obviously I need to gain weight. I am 5’6 in shoes.

Training is TBT cardio is indoor rowing. I am starting Bill Starrs 5x5 tomorrow to hopefully gain the strength back that I lost.

After I gain some weight I will switch from Carbolin 19 to Alpha Male. Probaly in about 6 months.

Also I have not been having a regular cheat meal, instead I would have a handful of somehitng like snack mix. Even thou it is an healthier snack mix I am going to stop that and have a cheat meal bi-weekly. I am planning on my cheat meal being wheat crust meat lovers pizza, nmade as healthy as I can make it.

Anyone? Superbowl is over now get on T-NATION haa

I’m an FFB too, so I know where you’re coming from. Believe me when I say don’t fear fat (even saturated, just stay away from trans). My gains came a lot faster, better, and cleaner when my macro breakdown went to something like 30% protein, 30% carbs, 40% fat. The fat was mainly from eggs, almonds, beef, and peanut butter with occasional fish. It worked great. For other carb sources, try whole wheat bread, quinoa, brown rice, that kind of stuff.

I just went though what I will eat tommorow and here are my numbers

Protein- 226
Carbs- 118

I will occasionally add whole wheat bread and brown rice. I am already getting extra carbs on work out days, so should I add the wheat bread or rice on a non work out day? I would be sureto have them earlier in the day or before work.

I will try to add 150-200 cals a week and check my stats every 3 weeks to make sure I am not gaining fat. Hopefully the flame out and Carbolin 19 help keep the fat off.

I’m FFB too. I would stay away from any of the starchy carbs. Get fruit at breakfast, and for carbs at meals instead of bread, rice, etc.

PWO is different Surge is great.

Are you really gaining weight at 2000 calories?

I would eat like you ate during your fat loss phases (high pro, low carb, high fat, if I remember correctly) and start adding in calories slowly. Start with PWO, add some carbs, malto/dextro mix. Then move onto pre-WO, a piece of fruit for some carbs for energy, you’ll burn it off. then move to breakfast, add some quinoa or a small sweet potato.

take is slow, you’ll figure it out.

breakfast- 1/2 cup whites+2 omega 3 3ggs, 1 serving Brccoli, small banana, 20g Metabolic Drive shake.

Snack 1- 1 serving cheese+1 serving almonds.

Lunch- 1 cup chopped lean chicken breas 1 cup brocoli

Snack 2 1 serving Natural PB on celery

Dinner Same as luch, beef or fish or chicken.

Pre bed small chicken salad or shake.

work out day add 12g BCAA’s, 1 serving Surge.
daily supps ZMA, Carbolin 19 an Flameout

I like this so far, only 2 days in.

Next week I would like to add 200 cals. What woukld be the best way to do that? I am getting 2 sering of lean meat each meal except my prebed meal. Should I add some to that? Add in a 20g protein shake with each snack?

A great cereal I recommend is Go Lean crunch. It’s high in fiber and protein.

[quote]Wildman90 wrote:
A great cereal I recommend is Go Lean crunch. It’s high in fiber and soy protein.[/quote]

Fixed that for ya.

Fiber One is the only cold breakfast cereal that doesn’t totally suck.

You need more veggies and healthy fats imo. If you are bulking(even though you are a smaller guy, 2000cals/day isn’t going to do much for you). Sneak some olive oil in here and there. Drizzle over your veggies, dump a shot of it in with a protein shake, etc.

OR a can of tuna with one snack?

I am goign to add 200 cals each week untill I get up to 4k total daily cals.

I think next week i will get the extra 200 by having one 20g shake with my first snack and a can of tuna with my second snack. I will also add one serving of fruit lunch and dinner.

You’re 5’6", 130 at 15%…and want to get to 4k daily calories?

I was 5’5" and 155. Was eating a bit over 3k calories, and ended up rounding out. I have to question if someone in our size and position needs 4k when 3k, properly targeted, will get you the same gains with less fat gain.

Do you know your daily caloric maintenance level? It shouldn’t be more than 2400, according to the site’s articles, or 2800, according to that caloric equation (forgot the name) that everyone uses.

EDIT: The equation is Harris-Benedict.

I need about 2400 to growm which I will be at in 2 weeks, by adding cals slowly.

I plan on being around 160# by the time i get to 4k daily.

If you add 200 kcal weekly, that means you need 8 weeks to get from 2400 to 4000.

The question is, then: can you go from 130 to 160lb in 8 weeks? As far as I know, that’s 15 pounds a month, and we can only grow at 4lb of muscle/month, max.

I am going to add 200 cals weekly untill I start to grow, which should be 2400. I will eventually eat 4000k when I get to a decent weight. I am not just gonna keep adding cals till I get to 4k. My post does make it seem liek thats what I ment thou.

It would be nice to get 20 lbs in 8 week but it aint gonna happen. I am hoping to gain 30 pounds in one year with out too much fat ha

OK I added some cals this week. I added some lean protein to my two snacks since they were both pretty log in protein and higher in fat and carbs. One snack will be sone serving almonds/ cheese and 20g Metabolic Drive shake. The other will be 1 sering Natural PB on celery with one can plain tuna, no mayo or anything.

That will get me to a total of 2336 calroies, 256g protein, 67g of fat and 164g of carbs on a work out day. Non work out days are less becasue of no Surge.

I will follow that for 2-3 weeks and see how it goes. It will probaly bump it up to 2400 soon thou.

I’m a FFB (big time) my self and one mistake I have made in the past was to raise my calorie intake too high in hopes of huyyyge muscle gains. I ate clean and I ate big (4000kcal +) but eventually I got a lot of the fat back again. So I had to diet again to get the fat off.

Now I’m at 190lbs at about 14% bf and maintaining a calorie consumption that’s getting my weight up about 1lbs a week.

So why go to 4000kcals? I would suggest that you settle on a sum of calories that give you about a pound increase in body weight per week and if your improving on your lifts, the weight you gain won’t be all blubber.

If your gains on the scale or the progression on your lifts slow down, then up you calories again.

Just my 2 cents.