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Please Rate My Routine


Day 1

5x5 bench press 90% 1RM with 45 seconds rest
5x5 T-Bar Row 90% 1RM with 45 seconds rest
25 jump-rope as fast as possible, then 15 Swiss Ball Crunches (repeat 5-6x with no rest)

Day 3

do 3 exercise in triad with no rest between, but 60 seconds rest after each barbell forearm curl set

7x7 bicep curl
7x7 overhead tricep extension
7x7 barbell forearm curl

Day 5

5x5 deadlift 90% 1RM with 45 seconds rest
5x5 military press 90% 1RM with 45 seconds rest
25 jump-rope as fast as possible, then 15 Swiss Ball Crunches (repeat 5-6x with no rest)

Day 7

same as Day 3


Well what are you trying to do? Build mass, tone, strength


1) Don't know if you'll hit 5 reps at 90% 1RM. Add in the fact that you're doing 5 sets with only 45 sec of rest in between, and I see that failing quickly.

2) How about legs? Deadlifts will work your hamstrings, but how about the quads and calves?

How long have you been lifting? What are your goals?




As a bodybuilding routine, it is pretty terrible to be perfectly honest.


I want your criticism.

What about it makes it terrible? I've been lifting for 2 years and haven't seen the results that I'd like.

My goal is toning.


How about some more pulling movements like chins/pull-ups? Squats??
Overall you're doig VERY little with regards to volume and to dedicate an entire day to curling- come on!


Your goal is toning, and you're posting in a bodybuilding forum.....hmmmm...do you see the contradiction here???

Just putting it out there.....


If your just wanting to "tone up", or whatever that means then the program is probably fine. However, if you want to put on a lot of muscle everywhere you should train every muscle group (meaning get some squats in there). Also, 5 sets of 5 with 90% of your one rep max with only 45 seconds seems impossible to complete in my mind. Read Professor x: a request and the "pyramid or not" threads if you want to put on some actual size.


Good point. I need to gain solid muscle. Can you please point me to literature on splits?


He just did. Read the prof X thread here on the BB forum, or any of the other good ones (NewDamage is one I particularly like)



Read the descriptions of his work out; of course, you won't be able to use as much weight (neither I do...), but you'll get the idea! Look at how much Levrone "toned up" in just three weeks :slightly_smiling:


Thanks guys. One of my dillusions is that I need to lift high %rm for gains



No, its just that it seems doubtful that you'll be doing multiple sets of 5 reps lifting at 90% of your 1RM.

Just because you perceive something as hard doesn't mean you'll actually be lifting at that high an intensity.

Have you done actual 1RM's for your lifts?

Settle down with what seems to be delusional workout structures, and read up on some of the threads that have been recommended above. You don't have to try to hit the home run every time with the flashest looking workouts in the world. Just do the basics really really well to get the results you're after.

Good night.