Please Rate My Push Pull 531

Hi guyz,

Currently running 5/3/1 from @Jim_Wendler with success since 3 months, I would like to make some changes because it’s getting bit boring :innocent:

After reading the great articles The Push pull workout from TC LUOMA and The best damn workout for natty from @Christian_Thibaudeau

I really enjoyed the idea of less volume / more frequencies, so I’ve tried to set up something including the 531 from Mr Wendler
Could u guys give me ur opinions / advices / feeling ?

By the way, if u have any questions, feel free to asks,

Cheers guyz,


A Deadlift 531
B Pronated Lat Pulldown 3 x 6-8 + Dropset
C Low cable rowing 3 x 8-10
D Standing Barbell Curl 3 x 8-10 + Cluster
E Serratus crunch 4 x max


A BB Bench press 531 PYRAMID
B Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3 x 6-8 + Dropset
C Skullcrusher EZ 3 x 8-10
D Horizontal oneleg press 3 x 10-12 + Cluster
E Standing calf raise 4 x max


A	Pendlay rowing	3 x 6-8 + Cluster
B	Pulldown closegrip	3 x 8-10 + Dropset
C	Straight-leg deadlift DB	3 x 10-12	
D	Inclined DB Curl	4 x 10-12	
E	Technogym crunch	4 x max


B Incline Dumbbell Press 3 x 6-8 + Dropset
C Dips 3 x max + Cluster
D Legpress 45° 4 sets : 12-10-8-8
E Leg press calf extension 4 x max


A	Pull ups	3 x max + Cluster
B	Technogym rowing one arm	3 x 8-10	
C	Cable lats pull in	3 x 10-12	
D1	Hammer curl	4 x 10-12 + Dropset
D2	Seated legcurl	3 x 10-15 + Dropset
D3	Cable crunch	4 x max


A Front squat 531
B Narrowgrip bench press 3 x 6-8 + Dropset
C1 DB L Fly 3 x 8-10
C2 DB lateral raise 3 x 8-10
D1 Cable L Fly 2 x 10-15
D2 Cable lateral raise 2 x 10-15

pee-yew that routine is stinky.

Open a window and change it.


Why not just do the program from Luoma or CT then if you like the idea? CT is currently writing a 4-day version of his best damn program so you might as well wait for that.


Do Wendler’s beach body challenge.

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didn’t knew that, thanks mate

only 3 training a week… can’t do that ;(

Why not…?

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I’m too addicted, and i would like to give a shot to less volume more frequencies idea

It’s your life, but the beach body challenge is higher frequency template. You squat and OHP 3 times a week.

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Look at the frequency project on beyond 5/3/1. I would not try to mix this with CTs program. Unless you are limited on days per week (low frequency) just keep it as upper/lower split


Seriously? You are too bored after only 3 months with a proven program from which you are getting success, so you want to not only jump to a different program but even one that is your own Frankenstein creation from some different programs? Why not just stick to the program that is working? If you are in so much need for novelty and have too little discipline to just keep doing what is working, why not just adopt one of the other 10,000 variations of the program (e.g., change the volume, frequency, supplemental, assistance, and/or conditioning work)? If you want to try lower volume higher frequency, why not just do one of the higher frequency variations Wendler discusses in the Beyond 5/3/1 book?


This is also a good idea.

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You could just do cardio on your off days

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But basically being at the gym just for the sake of it is counter productive.I think it was Jim that said ‘‘you must have a good reason for everything you are doing’’

If you gave me more time lifting vs having more time off to recover for my next session I’d pick the second one any day

That being said it’s your training,I’m sure you can find a routine to make gains training 6 times per week



Just curious…how did 5/3/1 for Hardgainers go? Did you do it as written?

didn’t tried it finally

Need some punctuation or revision here: you didn’t try it? Or you didn’t (do it as written), but finally (tried it)?

Anyways, I would recommend doing exactly what you have written. There’s way too much effort on this forum spent on trying to set people straight who are just going to do their own thing despite not being reassured that their pile of crap is ideal. You’ll learn a lot trying this and finding out what a cluster it is. I’m being an ass here, but the outcomes I see are either it somehow works for you (unlikely) or it gives you perspective on the past 3 successful months that will help keep you from program hopping and wasting time in the future (hopefully likely). In the long term trying this could be the best thing for you even if it’s a disaster in the short term.