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Please Rate My Picture.


I am 28 5'10 and 216lbs.


Legs and stats?


i need legs to give you a vote :wink:
btw from the above picture i can say:

we need mandatory pose to judge you :slightly_smiling:


Click on this link for a rating: http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=2143095


Dude, your looking pretty good, but if you give mandatory poses, back, and legs, then it'd be easier to rate you =D


Yeah dude, unless you have stick legs you're looking pretty good.


Why bother explaining to him what he should do just direct hi to the "rules" link/thread


Nice arm development dude, but I agree with the Goddess known as Venus. Traditional poses + legs = Rating.

On a side note, I think you need new cabinetry in your kitchen. My brother-in-law could help you out.


Really short biceps.

Shy abs.

No traps.

But good shoulders and forearm vascularity.


This was funny =)


Lookin good man. Doesn't look like the body fat is out of control like mine is. Ha HA


Not sure of the rating, but I'm about to knock that hat off your head...


John Cena?


Which, again I say, should be stickied.


because we're here to help, he may be new to the boards.


He does have a funny looking head...er...I mean, hat.

How does he have a 5+? He does have some arms, but not a lot. He doesn't have much definition. He doesn't have much mass. He didn't post any wheels...????