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Please Rate My Bulking Progress...


I wasn't sure if this should go in RMP, but I didn't want to post shitty cell phone pics from my bathroom mirror. also this is not a program or physique critique but a critique of how my measurements have progressed. if I should repost in RMP anyway please let me know.

anyway, my long-term goal is to get to 180# @ 5% body fat, and to establish a 1000 total. I'm 5'9". last winter was my first serious strength phase (5/3/1) and this past winter/spring was my first serious diet phase (started at 16.68% body fat in may 2010 @ ~180#). after the diet phase was over, I felt that my traps, shoulders, chest and arms were lagging behind my legs so I focused this bulk on those body parts.

here's the measurement log I've been keeping. skinfold measurements are a 3-pinch in mm. 6/15 is one month into the bulking period but it hadn't occurred to me until later to also measure circumferences.

ab 17.5
chest 7.5
thigh 9
10.18% body fat

ab 18
chest 7
thigh 8

ab 20
chest 7
thigh 9
left arm circ 16 1/8"
chest 38 1/4"

ab 27
chest 9
thigh 10
left arm circ 16 1/4
chest 39 1/8"

I saw a jump in my ab skinfold measurement. i know I can't count on keeping "hawt abz" during a bulk, but I'm trying for a clean bulk and I was a bit concerned with the jump in the measurement. I don't want to gain more fat than I "have" to... getting down to 10% body fat doing three-a-days and protein pulse fasting was NOT fun....


Clean you diet.


ok, have a look at my diet and let me know what you think. i think i can probably just cut out some whole eggs and eat egg whites instead. $ means that i cut it out already.

breakfast/pre-workout meal
6 whole eggs
bowl of cereal + half cup of milk
3-4 pieces of whole fruit
$ 1-2 glass(es) of 100% fruit juice

60g carbs from 100% fruit juice (first shake)
140g carbs from vitargo s2 (second shake and last shake)
180g protein from whey hydrolysate (divided over those three shakes)

post-workout meal (about 1 hour after my last work set)
~ 1 cup cooked white rice
~ 8-10oz lean meat
these are approximate. that's about all i can stomach immediately postworkout.

1-2 meals for the rest of the day look like:
~ 8oz or more of non-lean meat
~ 1 cup of dry roasted almonds

then half a cup of cottage cheese before bed.


Ever heard of veggies??

Get rid of fruit juice in the morning.

2 cups of almonds? Again, ever heard of veggies?

Clean it up, read on nutrition, follow a plan. Anything.


hahaha yes I've heard of veggies... there was a huge E. coli scare coming out of Europe a few months back so I got really paranoid about eating veggies (especially spinach). this is my first bulk and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get enough calories in. on days when I got to do two sessions (like chest in the morning and back in the afternoon) I wouldn't always be able to get the second preworkout meal in so I made a habit of eating more almonds.


anyway what's most important is that it does seem like I'm taking in more than enough calories. I'll trim accordingly.


Cut out the milk and cereal. It's garbage.
Keep the eggs.
More fruit if you want.

NO fruit juice for work-out. Concentrated sources of fructose are BAYD.
Vitargo? Seriously? look you're young and need the money, save yourself a wad of cash and get regular creatine and dextrose for a dollar a pound instead of 50$ for the ole tub of shit.

Keep the almonds. Almonds rock and make your penis bigger. But they better be RAW, not roasted!! That's important.

And if you're a bad bad boy concerning veggies (like me, I sympathize), cut more tomatoes and onions into your food such as omelette's or beef. I had 2 onions and 5 tomatoes that way today (had a kilo of ground beef).
You can also chew carrots on the go. You don't even gotta peel em, just eat 'em raw. You cannot be too lazy to eat some fuckin' carrots, now can ye?


ahh the cereal is frosted mini-wheats, I chose it for the fiber. I have quinoa too so after I'm done with this batch of cereal I'll go back to quinoa.

creatine monohydrate runs through my gut much worse than the hydrochloride I'm taking (concret).

bahhh I like the research on amylopectins and insulin release. I'm not hurting so much for cash that I have to give it up. but I'll look into how much dextrose is... the savings might be too good to pass up.

I can't eat almonds raw, when I eat them raw my mouth, throat and gums swell up. I figure roasted almonds are better than nothing.

tomato is a fruit not a vegetable! but I started buying dark leafy greens again (spring mix I can get from Costco) so I have to get in the habit of eating it again.



seriously... on monohydrate I shat 5-6 times a day, with everything else in my supplement regimen being the same. on hydrochloride it's less, maybe 3 times a day.

the almonds are dry roasted if it makes a difference.


Dry roasted should be fine then.
Micronized creatine may be more becomingand still cheaper.


micronized monohydrate?


If you're having a lot of issues with the creatine, you may be taking too much. Ignore any "loading phase" bullshit, just take the minimum daily amount (usually 5g of monohydrate, not sure about the other stuff you're taking.)


I've been taking 3.6g of con-cret (creatine hydrochloride) pre and post-workout without problems. I don't take it on non-training days. if anything, doses of carbs > 140g peri/intraworkout from vitargo give me crazy bile green shits.



so, what is this now, about 3 weeks that you've been hounding me? your obsession is strong.

not sure what you want from me. I don't give my number out to strangers and I don't swing that way.


I wouldn't worry about the skinfolds for awhile. You're eating above maintenance, so by definition your stomach is always going to be full. There's going to be bloat. You're retaining extra water from the extra carbs you need right now. A boost in skinfold numbers does not necessarily mean it's all fat. You could drive yourself nuts second guessing if you rely too much on it. Take some pictures and weigh yourself at the same time every week...much more telling.

What are your days looking like right now as in grams P/C/F? This should be consistent everyday until you need to make adjustments.


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