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Please Rate My 5 Day Split


Hey guys I recently started doing this workout would anyone mind giving me any advice or anything i'm neglecting.

Monday: Back
Dead lift 5x5
Seated Cable Rows: 4x10
Lat Pull down: 4x10
Smith Machine bent over Row: 5x5
Lower Back Extension: 4x10

Tuesday: Chest and Traps

Cable Press: 4x10
Incline Bench Press: 4x10
Decline Bench Press: 3x8
Dumbbell Press: 3x8 (Targeting Mainly Chest)
Shrugs: 4x10
Smith Machine Upright Row: 5x5

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Legs
Squat: 4x10
Leg Press: 5x5
Leg Extension: 4x10
Leg Curl: 4 x 10
Calf Raise: 4x10
Horizontal Calf Raise: 4x 10

Friday: Shoulders

Shoulder Press: 5x5
Side Lateral Raise: 4x10
Front Raise: 4x10

Saturday: Arms

Preacher Curl: 4x10
Decline Bench Curl: 4x10
Triceps Extension: 5x5
Triceps Pull down: 4x10
Wrist Curl: 4x10
Reverse wrist Curl: 4x10

I do Abs Tues, Thurs, and Saturday.
Decline Crunch 4 - Failure.
Hanging Leg Raise 4 - Failure.

Any constructive criticism would be welcome, and appreciated.
If anyone would like any more information about my food intake or supplements I would be glad to post if needed.


This is what I'd change if I was going to do that program.


What are you trying to achieve with this regiment?
Just looking at the repxsets, I would guess you are putting an emphasis on hypertrophy.

- Your shoulders don't need the amount of work you are giving them (most likely). You have two days of upper body push/pull. I would simply augment a few shoulder isolating exercises on those same days if you wish.
- Deadlift is a "full" body pull. I see people use a dead on different muscle days, but I rarely see deadlifts given their "respect" for being such a demanding movement. You can keep deads there, but I would watch the total volume.
- Smith machine is not good. You should stick to regular bentover row. All a smith will do is ensure unnatural movement and hinder the entire back from lifting correctly.
- That is a ton of work for chest....18 sets. Changing the angle doesn't change much and shouldn't open flood gates for more exercises.
- Upright smith is a bad idea. Unless you seek that shoulder impingement, use a barbell or db and hold at a wider grip.
- I hate machines, so I'm a little one sided looking at your leg day. Squats are great. Leg press and all the rest of the machinery I would sub for freeweights (lunges,lateral lunges, db deads, rdl etc.)
-Cable tri extension is harsh on the elbow joints (especially with heavy weight)
- Why failure for abs? What type of failure (form,eccentric,isometric, total)?

Well, your definitely not under training.

If I were you I would definitely check out info on training in different planes of motion. Alwyn, Tony Gentilcore, Eric Cressey, Mike Boyle, Mike roberts are folks you should look into. Read their stuff.


Thanks for the Great info Ty!!
I will defiantly read into it.
and I didn't mean Cable Triceps extension's I meant dumb bell sorry I should of been more Specific.

but there is a method for my madness with the Leg Machines, my kneecap favors the right side of my knee and does not always flow to the left when pressure is going that way, the resulting factor is my knee dislocates. This is resulting from a old Ju Jitsu injury. So I like to keep things safe and stable when it comes to legs.
I do squats cause im comfortable with the weight and with my form.

And I meant by Failure as in each set I do max amount of Reps....


Warning: just my opinion. For a begginer, I think you are doing too much. I'm suggesting to reduce your overall volume.

Monday: Back
Dead lift
Seated Cable Rows
Lat Pull down

Tuesday: Chest and Traps
Cable or dumbbell flyes
Incline Bench Press
dumbbell press

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Legs
Squat or Leg Press
Leg Curl or lunge
Calf Raise: 4x10

Friday: Shoulders
Shoulder Press
Side Lateral Raise
bent over raise (rear)

Saturday: Arms
Preacher Curl
incline Bench Curl
Triceps Extension
Triceps Pull down
Wrist Curl or Reverse wrist Curl

the "or" exercises means that you could alternate them or stick with one. Again, just my opinion.


as a rule it's pretty much accepted that if your posting your routine in the begginers section...you shouldn't be doing a bodypart split.


That's not always true. It depends on the goal. True, they are not optimal for strength but it's not wrong if the goal is hypertrophy. A 2 day split repeated twice a week would be better but each to his own.


train traps at the end of shoulder days if you plan to keep a direct shoulder day. They will be more than warmed up, esp. after side lateral raises.


If by 2 day split twice a week you mean an upper/lower style routine... I'll strongly agree with that. Tey have given me the best gains in strength/size gains this far.